11 Amazing Facts About Spice Souk Dubai 2024: A Must-Visit Tourist Destination

The Spice souk Dubai is one of the most famous souks in Dubai. The Dubai Spice Souk is both colourful and fragrant so brace yourself for the tangible experience.

Uncountable flavors and recipes will welcome you as you clear your path through the traditional spice market in one of Dubai’s legacy territories.

Among the wide range of different stalls in spice souk Dubai and visits to merchants who’ll give you a lot of thoughts on how you can utilize the different flavors on offer.

Not all spices are for cooking – a wide assortment of fragrant teas is accessible from everywhere throughout the world.

You can get familiar with the entirety of this as you investigate the spice souk Dubai.

There’s also a huge range of selection of nuts, oils, and saffron available from the markets. Spices are sold by weight and in packets in the spice souk Dubai.

Additionally, note that it is appropriate to properly wear something moderate and remember to bring a major bottle of water for the journey.

Spices to discover

spice souk

From giant cinnamon sticks to entire Sichuan peppercorns, cardamom, cumin, coriander, and curry powders, you’ll discover all your flavouring staples in spice souk Dubai.

In any case, you’ll likewise discover increasingly bizarre contributions like old orange strip, dried cucumbers, and preserved lemons.

Look for Arabian top picks, for example, sumac, a profound purple flavour with a lemony tartness; zaatar, and sesame seeds and herbs utilized all through the district.

An impactful North African mixture of many top-rack flavours utilized in marinades and meat dishes.

The spice souk Dubai is close to the Gold souk and you can bargain when you visit this market. Their items are generally sold in the pack and are completely spread out in sacks, on the grounds.

If exceptionally valued saffron you’re chasing, you’re in the perfect spot as spice souk is the best place to buy saffron in Dubai.

The secret to choosing better evaluation saffron is to look at the length of the ‘style’ and shading: the redder the better, and there ought to be no shading variety.

It should pass through the sniff assessment: saffron should radiate a sweet, botanical fragrance.

All the extras in spice souk Dubai

spice souk deira

They additionally sell oud (agarwood) perfumes souk Dubai, which is an awesome souvenir of your time in Dubai.

Eminent as one of the costly regular assets on the planet, oud is from the resinous heartwood – frequently known as agarwood.

If you lean toward a progressively inconspicuous fragrance, search for bakhoor, the name given to agarwood chips that have soaked with jasmine, sandalwood, or different fixings to improve its smell.

The chips are then singed utilizing a unique burner to discharge crest of fragrant smoke.

Along the limited narrow entryways and you’ll additionally discover crunchy nuts and dried organic products to bring home.

The right way to bargain

spice souk bud dubai

You’ll discover the cost of saffron high until you begin to trade, so review your abilities. This well-established act of dealing in the district includes customers bargaining with vendors to get the most ideal cost.

Start by offering around 50 percent of the first cost and progressively stir your way up. Leaving has an exceptional effect as well.

In spice souk Dubai prices for sargol may begin at about AED15 a gram yet you ought to have the option to get vendors down to 33% of that.

A large portion of the merchants is from Iran. You’ll have to wrangle with them to get great costs. Their first offer is consistently more than the market rate, particularly when the client is a tourist.

In the event that you’re uncertain, just sit back and watch what a local pays and afterward offer the equivalent.


The spice souk Dubai location is in the Diera territory of Dubai, close to the intersection of Baniyas Road and Old Baladiya Road.

You may think that it’s somewhat hard to find, however, the spice souk Dubai is arranged close to the gold souk in Deira on Baniyas Street. It is at a walking distance from the Al Ras metro station.

Those originating from the opposite end of town can take the RTA ship from in front of Dubai Marina Mall, valuing the city from an entirely different point of view en route.

With the influx of top of the line shopping centres, the exchange the souks have impressively diminished throughout the years.

However, the friendly and neighbourly conduct of the merchants makes for a wonderful visit.

The operations are at full swing in the late evenings and nights, which likewise fills in as the best ideal opportunity to visit the spice souk.

Additionally, you should have some free time since a visit to the spice souk Dubai wouldn’t be fun if you are in a rush.


The spice souk Dubai hours of opening are as follows:

  • Opening hours are 10 am to 10 pm from Saturday to Thursday.
  • Opening hours are 04 pm to 10 pm on Friday.

How to reach Spice Souk Dubai?

abra route to spice souk dubai

Numerous streets lead to the Spice Souk. There’s an RTA parking area directly in front of it.

The nearest spice souk Dubai metro station is Al Ras Metro Station, a station on the green line. It is only two or three hundred yards away.

The best way to reach is with spice souk Dubai metro, however, the other interesting way to get to the spice souk Dubai directions is to take an abra (little boat) over the Dubai Creek.

The spice souk Dubai prices via this mode are extremely modest. Abar goes from here to Bur Dubai Abra Station.

The nearby Al Seef relaxation development also presents a lot of stopping choices, after which you can cross the Creek by abra.

Nearby Attractions

Tourist attractions and things to do near the famous spice souk:

  • Dubai Museum (0.3 miles)- Offers an insight into the city’s heritage and culture.
  • Bastakia Quarter (0.3 miles)- Heritage site.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understandings (0.3 miles)- Offers different tours and activities.
  • Heritage and Diving Village (0.4 miles)- Living museums to explore Dubai’s past.
  • Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House (0.5 mies)- Home of the ruler of Dubai between 1912 and 1958.

Other Dubai attraction includes Gold souk, Atlantis Dolphin Bay, Abra ride, Dubai Dolphinarium, Desert Safari, etc.

Nearby Restaurants

Restaurants and places to eat and drink near spice souk Dubai:

  • Arabian Tea House (0.3 miles)- Outdoor cafe courtyard in Bur Dubai.
  • Liali Alqaherah Cafe (0.1 km)- You can play all board games and enjoy lovely Egyptian beverages.
  • Apple Creek Restaurant and Cafe (0.1 km)- Nice seating arrangements for family.
  • Zam Zam suyi (0.1 km)- This restaurant stands out among a myriad of Chinese restaurants located in China Cluster of Dubai International City.
  • Al Bait Al Qadeem Restaurant and Cafe (0.3 km)- Tasty and authentic food.

Nearby Shopping

Places to shop near Spice souk Dubai:

  • Gold Souk (0.2 miles)- Large number of shops of purchasing jewellery.
  • Perfume Souk (0.2 miles)- Offers different varieties of perfumes and fragrances.
  • Old Souk (0.2 miles)- Traditional famous market in Bur Dubai.

Nearby Hotels

Hotels at a walking distance from spice souk:

  • Buraq Hotel by Gemstones (0.1 miles)
  • St George Hotel (0.2 miles)
  • Royal Creek Hotel (0.3 miles)
  • Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa (0.3 miles)
  • Sun City International Hotel (0.3 miles)
  • Grand Nova Hotel (0.4 miles)
  • Mariana Hotel (0.4 miles)
  • New Avon Hotel (0.4 miles)
  • Al Khaleej Grand Hotel (0.4 miles)
  • OYO 329 Down Town Hotel (0.3 miles)
  • Best Western Plus Pearl Creek (0.5 miles)

Tips When Visiting the Spice Souk 

  1. Prefer taking a taxi or a reasonable metro ride as leaving your vehicle can be costly to reach spice souk Dubai.
  2. It is constantly advised to travel light as possible as you would need to investigate and feel the herbs and flavours before stacking your hands with huge parcels of what you purchase.
  3. Continuously think about the costs of similar flavours and fragrant plants from various shops as you would get them at a lower cost in spice souk.
  4. Bargaining is the way for purchasing successfully and smartly.
  5. Never purchase pre-bundled things and lean toward purchasing things legitimately from the gigantic sacks and parcels.


Map of souks in Dubai showing the location

spice souk dubai

Address Details

Spice souk, Diera, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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