Top 5 Genuine Hyderabadi Cuisine Restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah in 2024

Hyderabadi foods are one of the favorite food of everyone around the globe. There are so many Hyderabadi restaurants in Ras al Khaimah.

You can enjoy the taste of Hyderabad in your own country. The flavor, aroma, fresh ingredients, and food presentation will take your heart.

Hyderabad cuisine is an amalgamation of Turkish, Mughal, and Arabic. Dum biryani & Haleem are Hyderabad’s famous dishes; their taste will always remain in your mind.

Here is 5 Best Hyderabadi Restaurants in Ras al Khaimah

1. Hyderabad Restaurant

best Hyderabadi restaurant in Ras al Khaimah

This is one of the best Hyderabadi restaurants in Ras al Khaimah, located at Al Jazirat, where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

The restaurant is small but clean. All the staff members are energetic and friendly. They decorated the place very simply.

The menu is filled with mouthwatering dishes; you will surely want to try all the dishes, and why not when the whole place has such pleasant aromas of dishes.

The menu includes 10 types of rice, including biryani, Fried dishes, Specialty, kebab, Haleem, bread, sweets, and drinks.

All the dishes are made up of healthy veggies and tender meat & chicken; enjoy the king of cuisine, Hyderabadi cuisine.

  • Cuisine: Indian, Hyderabadi
  • Best items: Mutton & Chicken biryani, Bhindi fry, Chicken masala, Mutton phalli, Haleem, Shami kabab, Gulab jamun.
  • Price: AED 35 for two people (approx.)
  • Ratings: 3.9 (Google review)
  • Timings: 9:00 am-12:00 am (Daily)
  • Contact: +971 50 799 4072
  • Address: Near Iceland Water Park – Sheikh Mohamed Bin Salem Rd – Ras al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates
  • Location: Click here to view in Map

2. Al Mehfal Restaurant Branch-1 

perfect place for hyderabadi foods

Al Mehfal restaurant is another perfect place that serves delicious Hyderabadi cuisine to its hungry customers. It is the best hyderabadi restaurant near me where you can have mouth-watering dishes.

The restaurant is simple but well managed, and the seating and environment are very nice. The overall atmosphere is calm.

You will indeed have the best dining here. Bring your friends and family for the small gatherings to share some moments of happiness.

The finger-licking menu has a lot to offer you, such as Dum Biryani, Haleem, Hyderabadi unique dishes, Daal & vegetables, chicken & egg dishes, combo deals, sweets, and drinks.

Biryani has a lot of options of flavors and ingredients, although Hyderabadi cuisine is famous for the Dum Biryani. Must visit Al Mehfal restaurant for a delightful dining night.

  • Cuisine: Indian Hyderabadi
  • Best items: Chicken Biryani, Veg Biryani, Chicken 65 Biryani, Chilli chicken, Egg Fried rice, Mix veg curry.
  • Price: AED 40 for two people (approx.)
  • Ratings: 4.1 (Google review)
  • Timings: 8:00 am-12:00 am (Daily)
  • Contact: +971 50 885 6512
  • Address: Al Seer – Ras al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates
  • Location: Click here to view in Map

3. Kohinoor Restaurant (Best Hyderabadi Restaurant In Ras Al Khaimah)

kohinoor restaurant

Kohinoor is another best Hyderabadi restaurant in Ras Al Khaimah, where you can have the best Indian, south Indian, and Hyderabadi dishes.

The place is spotless, hygienic, spacious, and elegant. The decoration is minimal but goes well with the site and furniture.

The extensive place has a seating arrangement for a large group of people. You can bring your families, friends, and relatives to try the fantastic Hyderabadi dishes.

The menu includes countless delectable dishes, and you will surely fall for every single dish on the menu. All the dishes are served with an excellent presentation.

It starts with soups, salad, tandoori items, fried items, Chinese dishes, grilled items, continental dishes, main course, biryani, rice, noodles, sauces, pasta, sizzlers, Arabic dishes, bread, platters, desserts, and beverages.

  • Cuisine: Indian, South Indian, North Indian, Hyderabadi, Chinese.
  • Best items: Hyderabadi vegetables, Chicken & Mutton Dum biryani, Mutton handi, Fish curry rice plate.
  • Price: AED 55 for two people (approx.)
  • Ratings: 4.0 (Google review)
  • Timings: 11:00 am-3:30 pm, 6:00 pm-12:30 pm (Daily)
  • Contact: +971 7 227 6888
  • Address: Near Al Zahrawi Hospital – شارع الرمس – Al Nakheel – Ras al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates
  • Location: Click here to view in Map

4. The Indian Chef

Hyderabadi restaurant in rak

To enjoy the best Indian food in Ras al Khaimah, immediately head on to The Indian Chef restaurant, where you can taste the authentic flavors of India.

The top Hyderabadi restaurant in Ras al Khaimah is spacious, clean, and beautiful. They have arranged the seating to accommodate a large group of people.

Furniture, decoration, and interior look so good together. Comfortable seating with a friendly environment will make your stay a little longer.

The Hyderabadi restaurant menu comprises many pleasant items like starters, street bites, soups, bread, veg curries, biryani, tandoori, and desserts.

However, a green garden section in the menu includes the best salad ever. You had not tasted the perfect food before coming to the Indian chef.

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Best items: Cheese Samosa, Chapati tacos, Chicken tikka salad, Chicken dum biryani, Veg seekh kabab.
  • Price: AED 120 for two people (approx.)
  • Ratings: 4.2 (Google review)
  • Timings: 11:30 am-12:00 am (Daily)
  • Contact: +971 7 235 5573
  • Address: Al Nadiyah – Ras al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates
  • Location: Click here to view in Map

5. Desi Taste Restaurant

best Hyderabadi restaurants in ras al khaimah

This one is the perfect place to enjoy the desi food in UAE, and you can have the best biryani in Ras al Khaimah at Desi Taste Restaurant.

The restaurant is charming and roomy. Seating, decoration, and interior are very well adorned and arranged.

This is one of the best places in RAK to enjoy the desi food with your families and friends; the staff members are very polite and friendly.

The menu has a lot to offer you, like mutton dishes, chicken dishes, biryani, sauces, grilled items, tandoori items, kebabs, bread, kadhai, handi, and desserts.

You can have the delicious Hyderabadi biryani in rak. Overall you would have the best experience at the Desi Taste Restaurant. Come along with families to enjoy weekend dinner here.

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Best items: Peshawari kadhai, Chicken Haleem, Mutton biryani, Mix kebab platter, Green chicken.
  • Price: AED 60 for two people (approx.)
  • Ratings: 4.2 (Google review)
  • Timings: 7:00 am-11:00 pm (Daily)
  • Contact: +971 50 838 6881
  • Address: Opposite Jazeera Hospital, Jazeera Al Hamra, Al Jazirat, Ras al-Khaimah
  • Location: Click here to view in Map

All of these are good Hyderabadi restaurants in Ras al Khaimah,  enjoy the real taste of Hyderabadi cuisine in Ras Al Khaimah.

Give yourself & your family a special treatment at these best places to spend quality time and have a delicious meal together.

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