Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary- A Nature’s Paradise in Dubai 2024

Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary is near to the crowded Dubai city. You can find thousands of birds in a place close to the city.

It also serves as a breeding ground for fishes, mammals, etc. but the main attraction is the flamingos in winter.

It is a dream location for nature lovers. It lies near ‘Dubai Creek’. Known as one of the few safe reserves, Ras Al Khor sanctuary is not too far from the mainland.

This Wildlife Sanctuary Dubai is a delightful 6 kilometers stretch of ancient mangroves, scrublands, lagoons, salt flats, intertidal mudflats.

In this incredible bird sanctuary are 500 species of flora and fauna. It’s just a visual treat for any bird-lover. Huge numbers of pink flamingos create the amazing scene of pink sky.

The sanctuary also provides a wide range of mangroves, intertidal mudflats, salt flats, etc., for their nests and habitats.

Ras Al Khor is a great place for you if you prefer a peaceful lifestyle.

You can enjoy avid birdwatching spots and perfect breeding grounds for fish and birds.  You can explore the flamingo or mangrove that takes you closer to the beauty of nature.

It is a protected area and has many migratory birds, crustaceans, mammals, and fish, which is ideal for, botanists, photographers, environmentalists, and tourists.


Best Season to visit Ras Al Khor

You can visit this place any given time of year. But as Dubai witnesses a variety of birds in winter and it acts as their home.

So, the Winter season is the best time to visit the flamingo sanctuary.

Ticket Fee

The Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary ticket price is free. Entry to the sanctuary is free for all visitors.


  • Opening hours from October to March: 7.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Opening hours from April to September: 6 am to 6 pm
  • Working Hours on Friday are 2 pm to 5.30 pm

The best time to visit the sanctuary is in-between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. When you can enjoy the birds feeding and flying.

wetland reserve in Dubai

Do’s and Don’t do

  • Some of the areas in Ras Al Khor are restricted and are ‘no entry’ zones beyond which no one can enter.
  • One must be sure about carrying the cameras or binoculars to enjoy the beautiful views and taking photographs of the birds.
  • One must remember to carry the sunscreen lotion. It is necessary to prevent sunburn and tanning while you are on your tour.
  • There are no restaurants or food stalls inside the area. You must remember to carry your own snacks and water bottles.
  • Because the weather is unpredictable and the area is open, you must wear light cotton clothes which are comfortable.

Near By Restaurants

Many nearby restaurants are available at various prices. They provide various cuisines that serve food to different people’s tastes.

Some of the famous restaurants in the Marhaba Mall are:

  •       Today’s Restaurant
  •        Zam Zam Mandi
  •        Lims Cafe.

Some other popular restaurants in this place are Puranmal and Greens N Grills.

ras al khor wildlife sanctuary

Nearby Malls

There are many famous Malls around Ras Al Khor sanctuary.

They are Marhaba Mall, Dubai Festival City Mall

Nearby Beaches

The most famous beach in a few minutes from Ras Al Khor is the Jumeirah Public Beach.

Other popular beaches in Dubai are Kite Beach and Sunset Beach.

Visiting Permit

Any individual member or a group of fewer than 5 people does not require any permit in order to visit the sanctuary.

Although, a group of more people, organizations, group tours, and educational institutions require a permit from here prior to the visit.

The organizers need at least two working days to process your permits.


  • Make sure that during low tide, you visit the Mangrove hide which means whenever the mangroves are all above water. And when the tides are low can you visit the place.
  • One needs to travel from Mangrove Hide to the Flamingo Hide either on foot or take a drive. Flamingo Hide is at a distance of 2.74 kms from the Mangrove Hide. However, you cannot either walk or drive there.

How to Reach

There is no nearby Metro station available.

So, better take a taxi and travel onto Hatta Main Motorway (E44) and then take the E71 to Al Ain. Turn now back towards Dubai on Dubai-Hatta Lane.

Shift from the 4- lane highway to the Ras Al Khor sanctuary.


ras al khor map

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