Latest Requirements for Flight From India to UAE or UAE to India in 2023

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Find the latest Requirements to travel to UAE from India.

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Latest Requirements for India to UAE Flight

Currently, as per government requirements, you don’t need to take a negative RT PCR test result with you when traveling from India to UAE.

Similarly, you don’t need to undergo a Rapid PCR test in any of the Indian airports. OR need to apply for ICA/GDRFA approval from the UAE government.

The only thing you need is a copy of the double dose vaccination certificate. And, valid Visa and passport documents.

To be on the safe side it is recommended to upload the vaccination record to Al Hosn app before boarding the flight.


Latest Requirements for UAE to India Flight

No need to take any PCR or Rapid PCR test either in UAE or in India when traveling from UAE to India.

Just carry the copy of the double dose vaccination certificate, that’s it. And, apply on the Air Suvidha portal before boarding the flight.


TIP: Do keep a print copy of the vaccination certificate for hassle-free travel.


6 Latest Requirements for India to UAE Flight

1. Reach the Airport at least 6 hours in advance

Arrive at the airport at least 6 hours before the scheduled flight. So, it may take time for document verification and rapid antigen test due to the long traveler’s queue.

2. Must have inoculated

It is mandatory that the travelers are administered at least two doses of approved vaccines in the UAE or elsewhere.

3. Must have PCR test report

PCR tests are compulsory for all travelers to UAE. They must conduct the test at a recognized facility not more than 48 hours after the scheduled flight.

The PCR test report must have a QR code on it.

4. Rapid PCR test

It is compulsory to conduct a rapid PCR test at the airport before flight.

Thousands of Pakistanis still remain stranded due to the non-availability of Rapid Antigen Test facilities at local airports.

Please ensure that you are boarding from an airport that has this test facility.

5. ICA and GDRFA Approval needed

It is mandatory that you have acquired the necessary approval from ICA and GDRFA before your departure.

  • Check your visa if it is issued from Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi. If Dubai – Apply for GDRFA Approval here. If Sharjah or Abu Dhabi – Apply for ICA Approval here.
  • Check your Vaccination Certificate.
    Valid residency visas who have received both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. They must have received the second vaccine dose at least 14 days prior to travel and hold a certificate that proves this.
  • Once you receive approval from GDRFA\ICA then you can book the ticket from India or any approved country to UAE.
  • Before Flight, you should take 72 hours prior to PCR Test. Once the result came with QR code then you have to Register arrival in the portal. It is applicable for any emirates visa holders. This process is basically informing the immigration that you’re coming to the country directly also while registering you have to provide your address in UAE.
  • If the departure airport having the facility of Rapid PCR take it before the flight.

Find all the links of ICA smart services above to register yourself before for hassle-free traveling.

6. Book a flight to the Emirate of your stay

Book your ticket to the land on the emirate of your stay. Otherwise, you will be sent back.

Please don’t book your flights and spend money on PCR or any other tests unless it is clear that you are eligible to travel to UAE and have acquired the necessary approval from ICA\GDRFA.

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