Dubai Glow Garden: Attractions, Ticket Price, Timing, Location Map in 2024

Dubai Glow Garden is the globe’s premier enclosure devoted to light-in-the-dark and is currently in its fourth season.

It is located inside the Zabeel Park, is especially striking for different enlightening design establishments motivated by craftsmanship objectives from the whole way across the globe.

Its attractions combine the most mind-boggling mega-sized garden, changing as per each season while taking motivations from various things like nature, firecrackers, and marvels of the world.

It presents four diverse amusement parks inside its premises, allowing the visitors to explore the recreation center during numerous seasons to witness brand-new discoveries.

Additionally, Dubai Garden Glow highlights many shining presentations of gleaming performances presented by artists worldwide, using millions of multicolored lightning.

The Dubai glow garden is an ideal spot to spend an evening as the place is brimming with different attractions, all having their own theme.

It gives the most youthful to the oldest in the family something to be amazed by in this garden.

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Rides and Attractions

The glow garden is now comprised of four enchanting themes, each one featuring its unique hallmarks and demonstrations to its visitors.

It’s a lively representation of both nature and wildlife, made up of recycled frameworks, highlighting special zones, especially designed for children to play and have enjoyment. 

So now, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting attractions spots of Dubai glow garden.

1. Dubai Garden Glow

It’s the most extensive section built of 10 million energy-saving bulbs and patches of recycled luminous material, conferring an underlying idea of energy preservation, recycling, and wildlife protection. 

It begins to glow during the evening, overwhelming its visitors. 

dubai glow garden

2. Dinosaur Park

It’s the biggest dinosaur-themed Park in the globe representing a pattern of 100 life-size animatronic Dinosaurs, like Apatosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Longisquama, etc.

Embedded in Jurassic Park style, these dinosaurs resemble to move, grumble, catch, and blink, presenting them virtual live displays, which is an ideal show for kids and adults.

The newest season has added some interactive ventures with the Dino Lab, highlighting the course of a dinosaur’s life-cycle from hatching to extermination and reproductions of the dinosaur skeletons.

dinnasour park at dubai garden glow

3. Art Park

The Art park is a unique addition to the Park for season four. It presents a different platform to encounter expensive lustrous aesthetic models, formed of the purest Eco-friendly recyclable elements. 

Art Park, dubai glow garden

4. Ice park Dubai garden glow

The ice park is skillfully constructed of 5,000 tonnes of ice, featuring iconic masterpieces, like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, local animals, and a kids’ play space at glow garden Dubai.

Set up in a temperature of -7 degrees Celsius to -8 degrees Celsius, it provides the essential chills plus thrills while explaining global warming to its visitors

Ice park dubai

5. Magical Park 

Magical Park is the latest Park in Dubai Garden Glow, presenting a 3D illusional artwork that engages with visitors’ minds and vision.

Besides that, a few more additional attractions points includes

Magical Park, dubai glow garden

6. Colorful World

Colorful World highlights a stellar laser display with lightness, colors, and vivid insights brought to life.

Colorful World

7. Happiness Street

Dubai has earned the designation of ‘Happiness Street’ globally under its extraordinary advancement throughout the years.

So, this has reflected this idea inside its premises as a badge of the accolade for this astonishing accomplishment accomplished by the city.

Happiness Street, garden glow

8. Glowing Safari

It represents a Safari where the youthful children are excited to come across and encounter gleaming creatures at the glow garden, from all around the World.

glow safari in dubai

9. Happy Forest

This particular site at Dubai garden presents the wonderful wildlife scene, sculpted from reused stuff beside different types of shrubs and flowers.

Apart from all that, there are other musical shows, live performances by artisans of UAE, laser light shows, stage show, an extraordinary entertainment zone for children, and a vast food pavilion at Dubai garden glow, offering various specialties from all around the globe. 

Happy Forest


To have a breathtaking encounter at Dubai garden glow, several facilities are granted, which are valid for all age gatherings. The facilities offered are mentioned below:-

  • All-inclusive entrance to the Dubai glow garden is offered.
  • Get to see dazzling fine arts and shows made utilizing vast amounts of biodegradable materials.
  • Acknowledge its well-defined concept of Art by Day and Glow by Night
  • Find out many remarkable portions of garden, like Happiness Street and Happy Forest.
  • Walk around the terrifically lit up Tunnel Vision.
  • Get to watch the exciting acrobatic shows. 
  • Participate for some great encounters with its attractions like Talking Tree 
  • Magnificent showcases of models and establishments energetically lit, making it an enchanting experience.
  • Explore more than 100 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs 
  • Tour the ice park at glow garden Dubai to experience below zero temperatures in the core of a desert land 
  • Wheelchairs and baby chairs are available for children till the age of 3 or 0.9 meters stature and individuals who are impeded.
  • There is a lot of parking spot, and you can likewise get taxi or taxicabs to the Dubai glow garden location. 


To know more about the best Dubai garden glow offers, please visit the official site and FB page.

Rules & Restrictions

Some of the rules and regulations that need to be strictly followed when visiting are:-

  • Visitors need to carry a Photo ID to show them at the entrance of the Dubai glow garden for identification purposes.
  • Dubai glow garden entry Ticket is valid only for one person to the Park.
  • Children below three years must be accompanied by their respective parents or guardians every time.
  • Pets and animals are not permitted inside the Dubai garden’s premises for safety and subsistence schemes.
  • Visitors are not authorized to carry any kid toys, scooters, or bicycles inside the Park.
  • Non-smoking zones at the Dubai garden glow needs to be strictly obeyed.
  • There is an enormous food tent serving a variety of cuisine and refreshments to the visitors, so outside food or drinks are not approved.
  • Respectful attire is a must to be worn at all times to maintain dignity. Also, the Dubai Garden Glow holds the license to disallow admittance to Visitors with inappropriate attire.
  • It is not accountable or answerable for any kind of lost, robbed, or destroyed property. So, keep your things at your own risk.
  • It owns the right to modify park timings or close shows temporarily from safety and maintenance aspects without any compensation or prior notice.
  • Rides and attractions will operate as per the subject to availability.
  • You can directly call the Dubai garden glow management regarding any issue or emergency on the provided glow garden Dubai contact number:- +971 52 478 5605

Dubai garden glow tickets and Day Passes

The Dubai garden glow entrance fee charges 65 AED per person, including the 5% VAT, offering two distinct shows inside the glow garden Dubai. However, the Dubai garden glow tickets for Ice Park is AED 45.

Dubai garden glow ticket price for three specific categories are:

  • Standard Pass (includes access to both Glow Garden and Dinosaur Park) for adults and children is AED 55.
  • Hopper Pass (includes access to Glow Garden, Dinosaur Park, or Magic Park or Ice Park) for adults and children is AED 90.
  • Children (below three years): No entry fee is required. 


  • Dubai garden glow tickets can be purchased online, which costs around AED 51 (INR 999 approx), which is valid for Dubai glow garden only.
  •  For access to glow park+dinosaur park+art park, Dubai garden glow ticket price available online is almost AED 77 (INR 1500 approx).
  • Prior booking is not required to enter the Dubai glow garden.

Dubai garden glow Timings

Dubai glow garden usually remains open seven days a week for tourists to visit at Dubai glow garden.

Dubai glow garden timings, according to Dubai Standard Time, are as follows:

  • Dubai Garden Glow opening time is from 04:00 pm to 11:00 pm, from Saturday to Thursday.
  • And only on Friday, Dubai garden glow timings are from 04:00 pm to 12:00 midnight as Friday is declared as a holiday in Dubai.


The parking timing at Dubai garden glow is from Saturdays to Thursdays, between 4.00 pm to 11.00 pm.

How to Reach Dubai garden glow

Dubai garden glow location in Zabeel Park, is Gate No. 6 & 7, Area – B – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, through which visitors can enter the Dubai glow garden.

By Bus

The nearest transport link from glow garden Dubai is Al Karma Bus Station (0.8 miles away).

However, the buses that are available from different locations to take you directly to Dubai garden glow are Bus – 61, Bus – C26, Bus – 32C, Bus – 10, Bus – 27, and Bus – X13.  

By Taxi

If public transportation, like the bus services, is not available, you can either hire a private taxi or book a cab to travel to Dubai Garden Glow seamlessly.

By Metro

From the Al Jafiliya Station, take a short ride by cab or a walk of around 16 minutes to reach the Dubai glow garden.

Nearby Attractions

The nearby attraction spots are:-

  1. Dubai World Trade Centre (0.5 miles) 
  2. Zabeel Park (0.5 miles) 
  3. Dubai Frame (0.6 miles) 

Nearby Restaurants

The only nearest restaurant available adjacent Dubai glow garden is:-

  1. Feast (0.6 miles)
  2. Tresind (0.9 miles)
  3. The Meating Room (0.9 miles)

Nearby Shopping

The only shopping option available nearby Dubai glow garden is: 

  1. Lamcy Plaza (0.9 miles)

Nearby Cinema Halls

The single cinema hall opens nearby Dubai glow garden is: 

  1. Lamcy Cinema (0.9 miles)

Nearby Hotels

The nearest hotels available nearby Dubai glow garden are:-

  1. Rove Trade Centre (0.6 miles) 
  2. Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai (0.6 miles) 
  3. The H Dubai (0.6 miles) 
  4. Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai (0.7 miles) 
  5. Conrad Dubai (0.8 miles) 

Nearby Metro Stations:

The nearest metro stations available nearby Dubai glow garden are:-

  1. Max Metro Station(old name Al Jafiliya) (0.4 miles)
  2. World Trade Centre Metro Station (0.7 miles) 

Address Details

 Zabeel Park Gate No. 6


The United Arab Emirates.


dubai glow garden location map

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