Top 7 Ultimate Adventures at Dolphin Bay, Atlantis Dubai: A Must-Visit Tourist Destination in 2024

Dolphin Bay in Atlantis Dubai is a great destination for all adventure-seeking travelers.  It is one of the most reputed habitats for dolphins in the world. The tourists get to swim with the dolphins and feed them too.

Dolphin Bay Dubai offers its visitors an incomparable experience with the magnificent Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. Face-to-face interaction with the dolphins leaves an everlasting impression on the visitors.

The tourists attain a deeper understanding of the oceans and aquatic animals through its programs.  They also get to take part in several unique activities involving these wonderful creatures.

Swimming with dolphins is a must endeavor for anyone who visits Dubai.    

Dolphin Bay Dubai Adventure

Dolphin encounter

At Dolphin Bay Dubai, you get to have an up-close interaction with the bottlenose dolphins. This encounter is mostly beneficial to adults and kids, who can’t swim. Dolphins understand most human feelings. 

Being with a dolphin can relieve your mental stress.  Anyone, who is not a fan of getting into the water, can still enjoy these cute mammals from the ledge. Children under 12 are only allowed in the company of a guardian. 

Dolphin encounter

Dolphin Adventure

The most significant feature of the Dolphin Bay Dubai is the ‘Belly Ride’. The experience of the belly ride is even more astonishing than the name suggests.

You can enjoy a nice little ride on the back of a dolphin. This is not preferred for the people, who can’t swim and the children below 8 years.

Dolphin Adventure

Royal Swim

Royal swim is an exclusive program for proven swimmers. In this daring adventure, you will be moved around by dolphins while standing on a surf board.

This is a bit difficult to pull off in comparison to other activities. But the result is an indescribable feel of joy. You can spend the remaining time having fun with the dolphins.   

Scuba diving

Scuba diving with the dolphins is one of the most popular activities at the Dolphin Bay Dubai. Unlike any other programs, you get to swim with the dolphins under water.

This is spectacular action suitable for scuba divers. However, scuba divers with valid certifications are the only ones allowed to participate in this activity, using the diving gear provided by the Dolphin Bay staff.

Dolphins scuba diving

Dolphins Snorkel

It is another underwater activity, where the swimmers use the snorkel to mingle with the dolphins in the lagoon. It is preferred for experienced swimmers, even though life jackets are provided.

Kids under 8 years, Expectant mothers, people with neck, back pain, cardiac, or any other problems are restricted to participate.

dolphin snorkeling

Dolphin Photo Fun

Dolphin photo fun is an opportunity to take home a lasting memory of this great time spends with dolphins through photographs.

You can touch hug and kiss the dolphins for ten memorable minutes without even getting into the water. 

You can have the most affectionate interactions with the dolphins while at the edge and click the most memorable pictures. You can also learn various facts about dolphins.   

Dolphin Photo Fun

Observer Pass

Observer Pass is an option for visitors who like to stay away from the water and still watch their friends or family interact with dolphins.

Anyone carrying an observer pass can attend the orientation by marine mammal specialists and get their photographs taken from the edge of the lagoon.

Dolphin Bay Dubai Timings

  • The Dolphin Bay Dubai is open every day of the week.
  • Timings: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Dolphin bay dubai tickets price

Dolphin Encounter at Dolphin Bay Dubai

    • 10 minute orientation
    • 30 minute interaction
    • Photograph with Dolphins
    • Starting from 795 AED ($216.44)

Royal Swim with Dolphins

    • Orientation by marine specialist
    • 30 minutes interaction with Dolphins
    • Photograph with Dolphins
    • Ticket Price:  Starting from 1100 AED ($299.48)

Dolphin Photo Fun

    • 10 minute interaction with the Dolphins at the edge of the lagoon
    • Photographs with Dolphins
    • Ticket price: Starting from 425 AED ($115.71)

Dolphin Snorkel

    • Ticket Price:  Starting from 960 AED ($261.36)

Best Time & Season to visit

High temperatures make it challenging to visit the UAE in summer.   Therefore the winter season is preferred to visit the Dolphin Bay Dubai.  The period between November to March offers a pleasant climate to the visitors.

Rules & Regulations

You will be provided with separate gear by the Dolphin Bay staff before entering the water.  Your own gear is not allowed.

You will be given a 30 minutes changing duration before interacting with the dolphins.  This time could be used to safe-keep your clothes in the provided lockers.

Towels will be provided to the users, who get into the water only.

A specialist will brief you on the essential details before getting into the water.

Scuba divers will have to provide valid scuba certifications.

Children below 12 years will not be permitted to enter without parent or an adult over 18 years old.

Personal accessories must be removed before entering the water.

Visitors cannot use their personal cameras to capture photographs or videos while in the lagoon. Professional photographers are assigned to capture your requested photographs.

Visitors with an observer pass can capture photos at the edge of the lagoon.

Interactions with dolphins should take place only under the supervision of Dolphin Bay staff.

The staff have the authority to remove any violators of the rules from the lagoon.

Nearby Attractions

Aquaventure Waterpark

It is a large water-theme park with several exciting rides and slides. The Splashers Kids play area, Shark Safari, Ray feeding guarantees an unparalleled experience.

Tower of Neptune and Tower of Poseidon are well loved by the visitors. It is located 0.4 km from Dolphin Bay Dubai .

Aquaventure Waterpark

Blue Coast Water Sports

It is located only 100 meters away from Dolphin Bay Dubai. It presents a fun-filling experience to water sports lovers by offering lessons and causes on parasailing, jet-skiing, etc.

Kayaking, paddle boarding, and inflatable rides are also popular there.

Blue Coast Water Sports

Sea Lion Point

Located almost 1km away from Dolphin Bay Dubai, this place provides a chance for visitors to observe sea lions.

The sea lions here are trained to clap, sing and jump for the amusement of the visitors. The visitors can also enter the waters and interact with these cute creatures.

Sea Lion Point

Wave House

Wave House is an entertainment area situated at Atlantis. It has a bowling alley and a gaming zone equipped with interesting games to keep the visitors occupied.

Wave House has also set up various international and local cuisines for the visitors and makes nights come alive with their music events.

Wave House atlantis dubai

Other Dubai attraction includes Gold souk, Spike souk, Abra ride, Dubai Dolphinarium, Desert Safari, etc.

How to Reach

Dolphin Bay at Atlantis Palm is located in an easily accessible part of the city. 

By Road:

It is only a 40 minutes drive from the Dubai International Airport.

By Taxi:

You could hire a taxi to Dolphin Bay from any part of the city.

By Cruise:

It is accessible by a cruise over the creek.

By Metro:

A metro train going towards Jebel Ali is also another option. Mall of the Emirates is the nearest metro station to Dolphin Bay Dubai.


dolphin atlantis map


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