Top 5 Shisha Lounges with Fine Dining in Jumeirah for 2024

Searching for a place to relax and enjoy the best shisha in Jumeirah?

With so many awesome places to choose from, we have provided you with the ultimate list of the best shisha places in dubai with full information about timings, prices, location, contact, and much more. So check the list out.

Here are the 5 best Shisha Places in Jumeirah:


best shisha places in Dubai Jumeirah

Looking for a place for an exciting dining and sh!sha experience in Jumeirah? Old Castello restaurant is one of the best dining eateries in Jumeirah. Although, it is one of the best sh!sha places in Dubai Jumeirah.

So, This cafe is known for its excellent food quality, great service, and variety of exciting sh!sha flavors. Further, It serves you with single flavors of rose, blueberry, cherry, salloom, grape, mint, and sweet melon.

Along with that people can also enjoy the doubles of pan vanilla, pan mint, pan mango, and gum cinnamon. Additionally, You can enjoy these flavors at a range of AED 50 to AED 80 here.

  • Pricing- AED 270 (approx.) for two people
  • Ratings- 4.4 stars (google reviews)
  • Timings- 01:00pm to 02:00am (everyday)
  • Contact- 971-4-526-9146
  • Address- Behind Jumeirah Plaza, Street 10 C, Jumeirah 1, Dubai
  • Location- Click here to view on map


best shisha in Madinat Jumeirah

Looking for a place for casual family lunches, lazy afternoons on the beachside with friends, or romantic dinner? Located inside the Mina A’ Salam hotel of the Madinat Jumeirah, right on Madinat Jumeirah’s private beach with spectacular views of Burj Al Arab, Shimmers serves the best sh!sha in Madinat Jumeirah.

Along with the amazing view and location, this place is also popular for its sh!sha, Calamari, Salad, Dessert, and Drinks. So if you’ve got friends in town, Shimmers is the best place that would be worth a visit.

  • Pricing- AED 375 (approx.) for two people without alcohol
  • Ratings- 4.2 stars (google reviews)
  • Timings- 1:00pm to 12:00am (everyday)
  • Contact- 971 4 432 3232
  • Address- Madinat Jumeirah, Mina A’ Salam, Pool and beach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Location- Click here to view on map


best shisha on Jumeirah road

Next on the list is Cafe Bubble sh!sha Lounge. Although, It is an affordable Library Cafe and sh!sha Bar where you can enjoy your favorite book along with a cup of Coffee and Tea with your friends and family.

Additionally, This little sh!sha cafe serves you interesting tobacco mixes of sh!sha and you can even see what they are doing. Along with amazing sh!sha, its menu includes healthy breakfast, hand-crafted burgers, and Exotic Desserts and is known for its excellent services and drinks. So this cafe serves the best sh!sha on Jumeirah road.

  • Pricing- AED 265 (approx.) for two people
  • Ratings- 4.4 stars (google reviews)
  • Timings- 8:30am to 2:00am (everyday)
  • Contact- 971 4 338 7388
  • Address- Villa 4,425 Jumeirah St, Jumeirah, Jumeirah 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Location- Click here to view on map



Habak Dubai is another place that offers the best sh!sha lounge in Dubai Jumeirah. Further, This place is the most affordable Lebanese restaurant and offers you a variety of food options ranging from soups, salads, cold and hot mezzeh, to baked meals, sandwiches, and a lot more.

You should also try a variety of dessert options and flavorful sh!sha to have a wonderful experience at this place. So, It serves single and double sh!sha flavors at the prices of AED 63 and AED 75 respectively. Moreover, Lemon mint, grape mint, watermelon, and melon are some of the best sh!sha flavors offered here.

  • Pricing- AED 180 (approx.) for two people
  • Ratings- 4.5 stars (google reviews)
  • Timings- 07:00am to 02:00am (everyday)
  • Contact- 971-4-227-7841, 971-54-447-0143
  • Address- Opposite Mercato Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai
  • Location- Click here to view on map



The Jungle Courtyard Restaurant & Cafe is the next amazing spot for people in Jumeirah who want to enjoy good food along with their favorite flavor sh!sha.

Additionally, It offers various cuisines such as Lebanese, Indian and Arabian. Apart from their amazing food, they also include Wifi, indoor/outdoor seating, and private dining options.

Furthermore, It provides an impressive range of solo and mixed sh!sha flavors starting from AED 85 to AED 200. This place also offers Jungle Special flavors created by mixing paan with various other flavors.

  • Pricing- AED 230 (approx.) for two people
  • Ratings- 4.1 stars (google reviews)
  • Timings- 12:00pm to 1:00am (everyday)
  • Contact- 971-56-574-0135
  • Address- Villa 1, Behind Mercato Shopping Mall, Street 73 A, Jumeirah 1, Dubai
  • Location- Click here to view on map

In conclusion, there are many places to enjoy sh!sha in Jumeirah other than the above in the list. But we have listed some of the best places in Jumeirah to enjoy sh!sha.

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