2024 Guide to Dubai’s Top Attraction: Wild Wadi Water Park – Tickets, Timing, and Map

The best option to escape the boiling hot summers is to visit one of the most engaging premier water parks of the Emirate in Dubai, the wild wadi water park.

The wild wadi water park Dubai Jumeirah is located in front of the third tallest hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab, and the Jumeirah hotels.

The wild wadi water park Dubai boasts innovative wild wadi slides/rides and provides a unique experience for all ages people.

The water theme park in Dubai presents the character of Juha, from the trendy folktale Arabian nights.

Adding more to it, the rides in the wild wadi Dubai offer stunning views of the hotels, the seasides, and the entire city as well.

The wild wadi water park Dubai has been featured in international shows, such as The Amazing Race Asia 1, The Amazing Race Australia 2, and The Amazing Race 5.

The other amazing places to visit in Dubai are Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Abra, Atlantis Dolphin bay, Spice souk, Kite Beach, Gold Souk, Al Mamzar Beach, etc.

Rides and Attractions

The wild wadi water park Dubai offers some astonishing wild wadi rides that proffer a sensational experience.

The Wild Wadi water park has three heated/cooled wave pools, multiple wild wadi slides, and two artificial surfing machines.

Besides that, it endures several varieties of attractions, including restaurants, shopping stores, and much more for the whole family to enjoy.

Some of the most exhilarating Wild Wadi rides/slides are:

wild wadi waterpark

1. Jumeirah Sceirah 

It’s the tallest and fastest free-fall water Wild Wadi slide outside of North and South America, which rises to 33 m (108 ft) with riders attaining speeds up to 80 km/h (50 mph).

2. Master Blasters

This one is a gravity-defying ride that rockets visitors up to 15 meters above ground level, starting off either in White Water Wadi or Flood River Flyer that gives the feeling of an aquatic roller coaster ride.

The other Master Blasters are Flying Falls, Falaj Fury, Jebel Lookout, Wadi Leap, Hos’N Hurler, Falcon Fury, Thunder Rapids, Rushing Rapids, Wadi Twister, Wadi Basher, and the Tunnel of Doom.

3. Tantrum Alley 

It’s a new family slide with a combination of three exhilarating tornadoes and comprises two downhill slides too.

In this ride, encounter the excitement of being in the swirl of the storm before being splashed into the pool.

4. Burj Surj 

It’s the first of its kind in the region with a high-speed attraction, which consists of two waterslides.

Here, visitors get to travel downhill seated on a tube towards a bowl where they are plunged into two spiraling spins and then dropped back onto the slide ending with a splash into the pool.

5. Action River

Embracing the Flowriders, Action River features unannounced surges of 100,000 liters of water, generating waves over 1 meter high along with swift river rapids.

6. Breakers Bay

It’s the largest wave pool in the Middle East, producing parallel and crossing 1.5 m (4.9 ft) waves in five different contours.

7. Juha’s Journey

It’s a 360 m (1,180 ft) long lazy river that allows visitors to relax and further slowly float around the park. 

8. Dhow and Lagoon 

This ride is an attraction for kids, which consists of 100 water activities, including different types of slides and water guns.

9. Wipeout And Riptide

An exciting experience for surfers, this ride is one of the only four such rides in the world that offers the ultimate thrill.

This ride even produces a realistic wave effect by shooting 7 tonnes of water per second, which is ideal for body and kneeboarding.


  • There is a height restriction for wild wadi rides, i.e., Visitors must be above 1.1 meters.
  • Children below 1.1 meters are permitted to ride at Breaker’s Bay (Wave Pool), Juha’s Journey (Lazy River), Juha’s Dhow & Lagoon (Family interactive play structure), and Flood River (Action River).
  • The maximum weight limit on the Master Blaster for a single tube is 120 kilograms (264 pounds), and for a double machine, it is 180 kilograms (396 pounds).


The wild wadi Dubai offers several facilities, which is mentioned below:-

  1. Get unlimited access to 30 waterslides and rides
  2. The wild wadi water park offers various restaurants/food stands with a variety of options, starting from local-food, such as- shawarmas and grilled tikkas to all-time favorites, like- BBQ, snack bars, burgers/sandwiches/hot dogs, pizzas, etc.
  3. For healthier options, salads, fresh fruits, smoothies, and juices are also available. 
  4. Wild Wadi has private cabanas situated along the sluggish stream that can be reserved for relaxation and also to get quick pass access to White Water Wadi.
  5. Every cabana includes private seating for eight visitors with four lawn chairs and a table with four seats and free cool-towels, a water bottle, soft drinks, and fresh/preserved fruits in a separate refrigerator.
  6. The wild wadi water park Dubai offers majestic views of Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and Madinat Jumeirah.
  7. Four retail outlets are available that provide personal and gift items, including swimming costumes, towels, and water-toys (for all age groups).
  8. Every visitor is given a wristband that can be utilized to access the lockers in changing rooms.
  9. Additionally, it can be used as an alternative to deposit cash into the wristband, for buying foods/refreshments, thereby reducing the need to carry a wallet around the park.

Wild Wadi water park dress code

Specific swimwear which is considered unsuitable and is not permitted to wear inside the wild wadi water park are:

  1. Transparent bathing suits.
  2. Long flowing dresses/street clothes/underwear.
  3. Shorts with pointing accessories on the back like rivets, wet-suits, etc.
  4. Long jewelry
  5. Swimsuits with any metal buckles, zippers, buttons, or snaps that could possibly damage the slides or injure fellow visitors.
  6. Regular diapers are not allowed for kids. Only special swim diapers are permitted that need to be bought from the gift shop in the park.
  7. Spectacles (Sunglasses/eyeglasses) are not allowed on the rides. But, lanyards can be bought as an alternative from their store (for AED 5).

Note: Burkinis (Special swimwear with hijab for Muslim Women) is permitted inside the wild wadi water park.

wild wadi water park dubai

Rules & Restrictions

The essential rules and regulations that need to be followed are:- 

  1. Some rides might not be operational due to shutdown maintenance.
  2. A valid photo ID is obligatory to get entry to the park.
  3. Children must always be accompanied by their parents/guardians.
  4. Outside food/drinks, except for drinking water, are not allowed in the wild wadi water park premises.
  5. Smoking within the wild wadi water park premises is not authorized.
  6. Various rides are dangerous and so are not approved for pregnant women, disabled people, and heart/back conditions patients.
  7. The lifeguard’s instructions must be obeyed consistently, especially when asked to wait before the start of the slide tub.
  8. Go-Pro cameras can be used on all the rides, except Jumeirah Sceirah, provided the straps are attached to the camera.
  9. During hectic seasons, the Jumeirah Sceirah guest’s queue will get closed off 45 minutes before the park’s actual closing time.
  10. Regarding any issue/emergency, call on the provided wild wadi Dubai contact number:- +971 4 348 4444.

Tickets and Day Passes

Wild Wadi water park ticket prices for entree fees are fixed, based on the height of the individuals. 

Main gate:

  • Admission- 1.1 meters and above: AED 209
  • Admission- below 1.1 meters: AED 159


  • Admission- 1.1 meters and above: AED 199
  • Admission- below 1.1 meters: AED 149

Towel rental rate

  • AED 29 per person

Locker rental rates

  • Small- AED 39
  • Medium- AED 49
  • Large- AED 69

(All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT.)


  1. The wild wadi water park tickets package offers two distinct tariff plans: (Ticket only or ticket with sharing transfer.)
  2. Wild Wadi water park rates and opening hours are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Entry is free for guests staying at one of the Jumeirah Hotels.
  4. Children aged two years and below are allowed in for free, provided having a valid ID.
  5. For UAE residents, there are several discounted offers available, which are provided on the official website


The wild wadi water park timings generally change every month, but it remains open six days a week for tourists to visit there.

  • Tuesday-Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Monday: Remains closed.

Note: Wild wadi water park timings during the holy month of Ramadan usually change and stays closed on Fridays.

Ladies Night

Thursdays host ‘Ladies Night’ and are called- ‘Women’s Wadi’ that continues from 10:00 pm -12:00 am.

During this time, the park will exclusively be managed by an all-female crew.

wild wadi water park

Best Time to Visit Wild Wadi Dubai

Considering the excessive temperature of Dubai and the water park, especially being outdoor, the best time to visit the wild wadi water park is from November to March.

How to Reach Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Wild Wadi is located on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road, right next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. 

By Bus

Catch a bus (available buses:– F55, 08, 33, X28, and C26) that stops at the wild wadi water park. 

By Taxi

Take a taxi from Deira (city center of Dubai) to the wild wadi water park, which will take approx 20 min.

By Metro

There is no direct/nearby metro outside the park. So, take the red line (M1) to Mashreq Bank metro station and a taxi from there to reach the wild wadi water park.

Nearby Attractions

The nearby attractions spot of wild wadi water park Dubai are:-

  1. Wild Wadi Water Park (0.07 km) 
  2. Tao Spa (0.25 km)
  3. Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project (0.22 km) 
  4. WOW Kids Amusement Arcade (0.23 km) 
  5. Burj Al Arab (0.37 km) 

Nearby Restaurants

The nearest restaurants available nearby wild wadi water park Dubai are:-

  1. Villa Beach Restaurant (0.16 km) 
  2. Kaftan Turkish Cuisine & Fine Art (0.16 km)
  3. Beachcombers (0.17 km)  
  4. Beach Lounge (0.18 km) 
  5. Ocean Blue & Pool Bar (0.24 km) 

Nearby Shopping

The shopping option available nearby wild wadi water park Dubai are: 

  1. The Mall (0.3 km)
  2. Souk Madinat Jumeirah (0.6 km)

Nearby Hotels

The nearest hotels available nearby wild wadi water park Dubai are:-

  1. Beit Al Bahar (0.11 km) 
  2. Jumeirah Beach Hotel (0.23 km) 
  3. Jumeirah Al Naseem – Madinat Jumeirah (0.34 km) 
  4. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah (0.39 km) 
  5. Hotel Beit Bahar (0.22 km) 


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Address Details

Jumeirah Beach Road Umm Suqeim 3


The United Arab Emirates.

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