5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Karama Known for their Authentic Flavors and Quality Dishes

Are you a real admirer of Chinese food and highly picky about its authenticity? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. In Dubai, there is no shortage of the best Chinese restaurants in Karama.

Karama is a famous and lively residential district in Dubai, known for its old-fashioned medieval charm. This thriving neighborhood is teeming with residential sections, retail places, cafés, and much more.

Chinese food is the oldest and the most diverse cuisine in the world. Karama is a multi-ethnic residential neighborhood that serves a sizable community of expats in Dubai.

It provides a wide range of Chinese food alternatives. The best Chinese restaurants in Karama serve delectable cuisine that you must try. Also, you can devote your weekend to exploring some other best food house in Dubai too.

So, If you enjoy Chinese cuisine, here are a few of the best Chinese restaurants in Karama that you should check out.

Here are the top 5 best Chinese restaurants in Karama

1. China Bistro (Best Chinese Restaurant)

best chinese restaurants in karama

At China Bistro, you can savor real Chinese flavors. China Bistro’s experienced chefs are noted for their innovative cooking techniques.

A trip to this restaurant is like taking a gastronomic voyage to the distant East. Regular customers notably like Nasi Goreng, Khao Suey, dumplings, and hot pots. Furthermore, it serves popular East Asian meals. So, whether you want to have Sushi or Manchurian with Korean-style fried rice, this is the place to go.

The decor is very lovely and complements the tranquil atmosphere. It is without a doubt one of the best Chinese restaurants in Karama. The restaurant is a fine dining restaurant giving its customers the luxury of eating the world’s most diversified cuisine.

China Bistro pride itself in delivering a refined culinary experience, without breaking the bank.

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Best Items: Chocolate Tsunami, Chicken Khao Suey, Mango Pudding, Nasi Goreng Rice, Barbeque Chicken, Hot Pot
  • Pricing: AED 175 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.6 stars (Zomato review)
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday 11:30 am to 1 am
  • Contact: +9715652-56207
  • Address: Ground Floor, Al Balorah Building, Beside Life Pharmacy, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Al Karama, Dubai
  • Location: Click here to view in map

2. The Monk (Indo-Chinese Restaurant in Karama)

Indo-Chinese restaurant in Karama

If you live in Karama and love Chinese with a desi twist, The Monk is the best Indo-Chinese restaurant in Karama. It is an excellent spot to go if you are searching for the best desi Chinese food near me.

It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Karama because of its extensive menu. Crispy Lamb, Hakka Noodles, and Wooly Chicken are some of their specialty. Also, customers love their quick service and hospitable environment. It offers a casual dining experience to its valuable customers.

The expert chefs and friendly personnel work hard to meet your demands, and it shows in the quality of cuisine and service. Their prices are very affordable but, you can get an additional 15% discount on their entire bill on a selected debit/credit card. What more could one ask for?

Moreover, along with a diversified Chinese menu, the restaurant also serves culinary gems from the kitchens of Thailand, Indonesia, and India.

  • Cuisine: Indo Chinese
  • Best Items: Wooly chicken, Chicken crispy spinach, Chicken manchow Soup, Black pepper chicken, Peking duck, Kung Pao chicken
  • Pricing: AED 145 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.0 stars (Zomato review)
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (12 pm to 12 am)
  • Contact: +97143968101
  • Address: Shop 25, Ground Floor, Mabrooka Building, Block D, Street 4 B, Al Karama, Dubai
  • Location: Click here to view in map

3. Little China

Indian Chinese restaurants in Dubai

Little China serves a broad variety of delectable Chinese meals. This is one of the best Indian Chinese restaurants in Dubai to enjoy Chinese food.

You all must agree that quality is more important than quantity. Though the restaurant operates on a smaller scale and provides a casual dining experience, its food quality is unmatchable. They pay close attention to every aspect to provide a more authentic Chinese food experience.

Capturing the culture and heritage of Asia in each bite, this restaurant delivers the finest Indo-Chinese across Dubai. As most of the population living in Al Karama are Indian ex-pats, the restaurant majorly offers Indo-Chinese food. Indians love the Chinese food made to satisfy their tastebuds. Their portion size is adequate to feed a family of 4.

In particular, the chefs are known for making some exceptional fried rice, drums of heaven, and chicken or vegetables Manchurian. It’s a must-try, family-friendly spot that’s also very reasonably priced.

  • Cuisine: Indo Chinese
  • Best Items: Drums of Heaven, Soups, Fried Rice, Chowmein
  • Pricing: AED 95 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 3.9 stars (Zomato review)
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (11 am to 3:30 pm, 7 pm to 11.30 pm)
  • Contact: +97143976068
  • Address: Shop 21, Ground Floor, Stalco Building, Opposite Central Post Office, Al Karama, Dubai
  • Location: Click here to view in map

4. Chinchaaus Restaurant (Desi Chinese Restaurant)

family-friendly Chinese restaurant

If you are a foodie or simply want to satiate your appetite with some crisp, colorful, aromatic meals, this is the place for you. It is a family-friendly Chinese restaurant in Karama that serves some amazing desi Chinese.

This Karama restaurant caters to the demands of the entire desi community in Al Karama. So, if you want to have a great dining experience without sacrificing the quality or quantity of your cuisine, this is the perfect alternative for you. The name Chinchaaus also has its unique meaning, Chin means Chinese & chaaus in the Punjabi language means eating with delight.

While adults may savor meals like crispy Spanish chicken, kung pao chicken, and crispy beef, youngsters can fill up on the corn basket and momos.

Also, Veg or non-veg platters might be a nice alternative for a large group of visitors. It’s delicious and filling.

  • Cuisine: Desi Chinese
  • Best Items: Burnt Garlic Chicken, Crispy Potato, Drums of Heaven, Crispy Beef, Hakka Noodles, Momos
  • Pricing: AED 120 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.0 stars (Zomato review)
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (12 pm to 2 pm)
  • Contact: +97143575251
  • Address: Ground Floor, Hamdan Building, Beside Al Bairooni Pharmacy, Street 4 A, Al Karama, Dubai
  • Location: Click here to view in map

5. Dragon House

dragon house karama

It is a renowned Chinese casual dining restaurant in Karama. It serves a diverse menu that offers traditional Chinese cuisine accompanied by various tantalizing dishes and light starters, salads, and soups.

The crew is proactive and works hard to meet all of your culinary demands. Dragon House is also known for its quick food delivery service. Dragon House is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Karama due to its peaceful and serene environment and hygienic food. They also provide value for money by offering different meal combos.

This small-scale Chinese restaurant in Karama uses authentic Chinese ingredients to satisfy the Chinese food cravings for its customers.

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Best Items: Drums of Heaven, Beef Chilli, Chili Chicken, Manchow Soup, Momos, Dumplings
  • Pricing: AED 105 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 3.7 stars (Zomato review)
  • Timing: Monday to Sunday (11:30 am to 12 am)
  • Contact: +971552654931
  • Address: 7824+Q5Q – Al Karama – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Location: Click here to view in map

Being the world’s most populous country, Chinese cuisine is incredibly varied and vastly different from one region to another. Each region across the globe make their version of Chinese food. Even in Dubai, you will find the most authentic to the most twisted version of the same cuisine.

However, this is our take on the finest Chinese restaurants in Karama. Whether you are craving desi Chinese or finding the authentic best Chinese restaurants in Karama, you will find it all here.

If you live in Dubai and are wondering where to get some flavorful Chinese cuisine, you should try these eateries. Finish your culinary weekend with a delicious lunch or dinner from one of these restaurants.

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