2024’s Top Tourist Attraction in Dubai: Legoland Dubai- Timing, Ticket, Map

Legoland Dubai, alongside Legoland Water Park, is the ultimate stop for families with kids aged between 2 to 12 years.

This brilliant amusement park, Legoland Dubai, has 40 rides plus attractions across six themed regions.

This place will endeavor you with hands-on encounters that permit families to take part in LEGO-themed undertakings through structure models, water slides, and thrilling rides. 

There’s bounty to keep youths engaged, starting from pedal vehicles, Duplo planes to Dragon crazy ride, and Power Tower’ free-fall’ ride.

Now, coming to the detailed structure of the park, the terrain in Legoland Dubai comprises more than 20 million blocks in the entirety of its structures.

Icon Dragon is the biggest LEGO model, which is made of 395,251 bricks, whereas Minilandermade is the littlest LEGO model that is built of only 20 LEGO blocks.

The liveliness of hues and upbeat appearances influence the visitors at Legoland Dubai. The taking-off temperature of Dubai is likely to rise more with the excitement at Legoland Dubai.

Regardless of whether you are a kid or a youthful on a fundamental level grown-up, it is improbable you won’t appreciate the fantastic attractions and rides at Legoland Dubai. 

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Rides and Attractions

Legoland Dubai has six themed lands: Factory, Lego City, Kingdoms, Imagination, Mini-land, and Adventure. Every one of the grounds has one of a kind rides, and landscape worked around its particular theme subject.

1. Factory

Legoland factory

Hereabouts, you will get to explore the LEGO Factory and be a spectator of how the LEGO bricks were created. Additionally, you will also get a chance to visit the largest LEGO store in the Middle East, the BIG Shop.

2. LEGO City

This land resembles a cool smaller than usual city where you will have the option to figure out how to fly a plane, conserve a burning house, steer a yacht and even obtain your one of a kind Legoland driving authorization.

This spot encourages collaboration and assurance, which claims to be the building blocks of LEGO City.

3. Kingdoms

This medieval-themed area makes you overcome the thrilling Dragon coaster through a palace. Both kids and grown-ups can participate in the carnival and ride the Dragon’s Apprentice.

Moreover, if you are up for a mission, you can take a snappy outing with the Merlin’s Challenge.

4. Imagination

This is where you can create plus race LEGO vehicles or even build LEGO MIND-STORMS robotics.

You can likewise assume the outward power of the LEGO Technic Twister, which will turn out to be very enthusiastic. Besides this, there is another Kid Power Towers, which will raise you and let you see the whole park.

5. Mini-land 

The heart of every LEGOLAND Park, Mini-land, is another innovation for grown-up kids in Dubai Legoland.

It has unbelievable nitty-gritty scaled down Lego variants of tourist spots, like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Burj Al Arab, etc.

It will be the primary ever indoor cooled Mini-land, with a striking region comprised of 20 million LEGO blocks that highlight the notorious horizon of Dubai.

It also acts as a crucial tourist spot from everywhere throughout the Middle East.

6. Adventure 

Youthful voyagers who adore looking for experience will capture to discover all they need in this themed tract.

Specifically, you will have the option to travel through old sanctuary remnants to recuperate taken fortune; influence ski on Wave Racers, and associate with LEGO swimmers on an enrapturing undersea venture.

Overall, these themed lands hold various attractions for kids, yet also for grown-ups, including the LEGO Mind-storms, Dragon napkin, submarine experience, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Wave Racers, etc.

Plus, there are also manufacturing plant visits, driving school for kids, sailing school for kids, Kid Power Towers, Technic Twister, and some more!

7. Dragon Coaster Ride

With a speed of up to 60 km/ph, the Dragon crazy ride is a medieval realm themed journey that takes you through the outside and indoor drives of the King’s château. 

8. Earning the Lego Driver’s License

It is ideal for kids between ages 6-12 years. Furthermore, there’s also an extraordinary junior area, too, for 3 to 5-year-old small children.

9. Fabricate your City or Enjoy the Lego sized Burj Khalifa

Building ventures with Lego blocks is the quintessence of Legoland Dubai. Here in Dubai Legoland as well, Legoland offers a total area allocated for helping kids to make structures.

Appealing play tables are set to assist you with making your plans, without any problem.

10. Ninjago Puppet Show

This isn’t a common region manikin show. However, it is a 4D puppetry event with enhancements, dreams, and extraordinary amazement’s for the crowd.

Interestingly, the whole program is propelled by the Legoland personas.

11. Adventure Lego

Board on a trip to reclaim the taken pharaoh’s fortune with the assistance of innovative lasers in the Egyptian-themed Lost Kingdom.

Fight within the wave’s sprinters water ride, holding on to the method of fun and energy at the Adventure theme.

legoland fun

Tips for Visiting First Time At Legoland Dubai Park

  1. Choose to visit Legoland Dubai, mainly during off-top days, or you can book your online tickets early to keep away from long lines.
  2. Measure the height of your kid before you realize which rides is your kid permitted to have fun.
  3. The ideal approach to experience Legoland Dubai is to reach there promptly toward the beginning of the day, which will provide visitors with sufficient opportunity to experience all the beauty there.
  4. Try your best to avoid the Line Entry to Legoland Dubai or Legoland Dubai Water Park.
  5. Visitors can also download the LEGOLAND application from the Internet to keep a check on the line timings of the rides.
  6. Remember to carry swimming outfits for youngsters and yourself along with a suitable sunscreen.
  7. Legoland Dubai contact: You can contact them through their Id: GuestServices@LEGOLAND.ae or call them on +971 4 820 0000.

(Note: The Guest Services Department remains open from 10:00 A.M. – 6.00 P.M.)


There are some exciting and essential facilities available for the visitors at Dubai Legoland park, which are as follows:-

  1. The Dubai Legoland comprises of two distinct parks inside it.
  2. The theme (dragon-riding) park and water park alongside the magnificent size building Lego block skimming, while you will be appreciating and enjoying the cold waters.
  3. Visitors can enjoy in Dubai Legoland park, with around 40+ different LEGO-themed rides and attractions, like Beetle bounce, mini-land, Build and City, LEGO City, etc.
  4. Simulation activities like kids LEGO airport are also present there.
  5. Visitors can also find many restaurants, which offers numerous fooding choices. Some popular restaurants are Aqua Treats, City Snacks, The Cafe, Ice Factory, and many more.
  6. Visitors can also buy various types of LEGO gifts and souvenirs from plenty of shopping malls, like LEGO City Shop, LEGO Friends Shop, The Big Shop, The Corner shop, and so on.
  7. There are several other necessary services available at Legoland Dubai, such as locker Rentals, stroller hire, wheelchair hire, first aids, prayer rooms, baby changing areas, and ATMs as well.

Rules & Restrictions

Obey the following rules and regulations when visiting Dubai Legoland Park:-

  • Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or any metal ornamentation isn’t allowed.
  • Plus, dresses like Abayas, sarees, long shirts, long pants, or sheer or transparent clothing aren’t allowed.
  • Footwear like shoes, crocs, sandals, etc. is restricted.
  • Although, there is no dress code for the theme park, for those touring the waterpark must carry their swim gear.
  • Both food and drink options are not included in the ticket cost either. So, you can either bring eatables from your home or opt to buy it from restaurants or eateries, available everywhere within the Legoland Dubai park.
  • However, permission is given to bring snacks or playthings for your kids at Dubai Legoland park.
  • The age criteria for the Dubai theme park is between 2 to 12 years of age.

Tickets and Day Passes

Legoland Dubai Ticket

There are three different ranges of Legoland Dubai tickets available. 

  • Standard Pass: AED 184 for adults and children of 4+ age.
  • 1 The day any 2 Parks (Combo): AED 195 for adults and children of 4+ age.
  • 4 Parks in 1 Day: AED 199 for adults and children of 4+ age.
  • Legoland tickets Dubai for entry of kids up to 3 years is free of cost.

Other Legoland tickets Dubai includes offers, like:-

  • The choicest way to explore and have limitless entree is to book a ticket for both the theme park and water park too.
  • Plus, tourists can travel to other spots like Motiongate and Bollywood parks by purchasing “1 day 2 parks or 1 day 4 parks” pass, alongside Legoland Dubai tickets, while booking.
  • Online parking facility is also available for tourists. 


Legoland Dubai timings:

Both Legoland theme park Dubai and Legoland water park usually remain open seven days a week for tourists to visit there.

Legoland timings are from Saturday to Wednesday is from 12:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Legoland Dubai opening hours are from Thursday to Friday is 12:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

Legoland water park timings are from Sunday – Saturday: 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

However, you can have one-day full access to Legoland Water Park.

(Note: If you are planning to visit the waterpark, then you must know that it stays closed from 12th January to 26th March for maintenance.)

Best Time to Visit Legoland Dubai

Generally, if you desire only to visit the Legoland Dubai theme park, you can visit at any time of the year.

But, it is suggested that the most suitable time to visit Dubai Legoland will be between November to April, every year. 

How to Reach

The Legoland Dubai park is situated in Dubai Parks and Resorts.

  -By Road

  • By Bus:

Take the DPR1 Bus from Ibn Battuta Metro Station to Dubai Parks and Resorts to reach Dubai Legoland. The bus departs 13 times a day from the Metro Station.

  • By Taxi:

Start the tour from Dubai on the E11 Highway (Sheikh Zayed Road), past Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali heading towards Abu Dhabi.

Next, take Dubai Parks and Resorts Exit 5. Then, you can finally arrive at the Legoland Dubai park.

Note: You can directly order a taxi from home by contacting the Road Transport Authority hotline (042080808). Additionally, private vehicles like Uber and the local equivalent Careem are available too.

  -By Metro

To reach Legoland Dubai via metro, take the Dubai Metro Red Line towards Jebel Ali and alight at JLT Metro Station. From there, catch a taxi for the short distance to Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Nearby Attractions

The closest attractions spots of Dubai Legoland are:-

  1. Legoland Water Park (0.1 miles)
  2. Bollywood Parks (0.2 miles)
  3. Riverland (0.3 miles)
  4. Motiongate (0.5 miles)

Nearby Shopping

There is just one shopping option available nearby Dubai Legoland. 

  1. The Outlet Village (0.4 miles)

Nearby Hotels

The nearest hotels of Dubai Legoland are:-

  1. Lapita, Dubai Parks, and Resorts, Autograph Collection (0.4 miles)
  2. Rove At The Park (0.6 miles)

Nearby Metro Stations

The nearest metro to Dubai Legoland is Jebel Ali. From there, you can take a taxi to reach LEGOLAND Dubai.


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Address Details

Parks & Resorts, Sheikh Zayed Road,

Opposite Palm Jebel Ali, exit 5 Saih Shuaib


The United Arab Emirates.

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