Dubai Global Village’s Ticket, Timing, Rules, and Tips in 2024

Dubai global village is one of the must-visit tourist spots in Dubai. The exotic event of global village Dubai is the leading unique family stop for fun, culture, recreation, dining, and shopping in the vicinity.

The Global Village was introduced to take the initiative for highlighting the cultural-friendly viewpoint of the cosmopolitan city.

The beautiful town attracts more than 85% of the ex-pat population to the ideal Global Village, located on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road-E 311 road, in Dubai.

Dubai global village lively event highlights the best bizarre foreign cuisine and awe-impressive entertainment encounters of multi-cultural celebration.

It grants visitors a look within a society of pavilions, each of them portraying the richness and elegance of a distinct country across the globe.  

global village dubai

For each particular nation, one arcade is assigned, where the unending display of their unique presents, promptly catches the guests by pleasure and enthusiasm.

Thousands of local outlets set up their shop here, wherein visitants could grasp a collection of commodities and masterpieces on a universal range. 

The global village follows an exciting approach of merging diverse societies, under one roof of 90 different countries, situated worldwide.

The Dubai global village witnesses tourists over 6 million, attaining a perfect record of 9 on 10, every year. Many famous artists like Lima Payne, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, Neha Kakkar etc. joins every year to perform in special events.

New Year celebration is a must-attend event in Global village Dubai. Every year thousands of people gather on this special occasion to witness this excitingly extraordinary event.

Bollywood night and related shows are a must to attend during the New year. Cheering crowds from different countries celebrating and dancing together is so marvelous.

The best season to visit there is in the winters as the Dubai global village operating period commences during November and extends up to the following year’s, April month, every year.

The other amazing places to visit in Dubai are Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Glow Garden, Dubai Abra, Atlantis Dolphin bay, Spice souk, Kite Beach, Gold Souk, Al Mamzar Beach, Wild Wadi park, Ski Dubai, Legoland Dubai, etc.

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Reasons to visit Dubai global village

The Dubai global village is spread across a vast area. The global village organizes a wide range of entertaining games, interesting tours, numerous rides, and adventurous for all age gatherings. 

During the period of its host, the climate in Dubai is usually relaxed and delightful so that you would get to sense a zesty pattern of culinary adventures in the unitedness. It addresses the global village as a worldly achievement, for its deserving recognition that it receives.

If you’re wondering about what to do after attending the global village, then here is your complete trip list.

1. Travel the world of global village Dubai:

Yes, it is true that the Global village holds a large area and has about 30 plus pavilions showcasing around 75 countries, including India, Turkey, Russia, China, etc. Moreover, in 2019, it has opened two more pavilions for Korea and Azerbaijan too.

The storehouses set up by each country, provide you with a unique taste of its own knowledge and traditions, in a single event. Plus, get ready for incredible adventures and thrills because the event has a massive shot of it to present to you.

2. Concerts:

The Dubai global village includes international performances, like live concerts, happening all around the year. Various famous singers and artists around the globe pay for their performance.

Visitors can also witness live street performances, monumental, and cultural displays from more than 70 nations, flawlessly depicting the specialties of each different country.

3. Carnaval and Fantasy world:

The event of the global village Dubai is filled with various amusement, from each corner of your footstep. It contains several rides that are enjoyed by both adults and kids. 

Carnaval is likewise a significant cause for some tourists to visit, as it includes global village rides for thrill and families and some extraordinary attractions as well.

There are several thrill rides, such as Honolulu loop, Shang high, Jamaica drum, fly France, London loop, Athens slingshot, Global Burj, etc.

Plus, family rides include Cuban dance, vrooming UAE, Mumbai Express, Thai twist, New York jump, Roaming Rome, Arabian horse, and various more.

Indeed, your little ones will discover plentiful activities to engage in. So, let your kids enjoy rides, like African land, Holland Wind Wheel, Bahrain Merhana, Beijing Bungee, amazon boats, California Highway, Caribbean Ship, etc.

Other exciting rides are:-

  • Transylvania Towers
  • Wheel of the world
  • Moscow Max
  • Miami surf

Further, visit Fantasy Island with your family and children to explore the entertainment, which is amongst the newest additions to the global village. Also, take a look at the famous monster stunt display, haunted house, and much more.

4. Shopping:

global village dubai crowd

The global village is a spot where you can enjoy shopping from across the world in one single place. Each and every corner of the global village holds stalls of different countries, selling and showing their varied cultures.

Plus, brace your shopping bags with fascinating stuff of a broad collection of customs, traditions, and ethnicities, like painting, handbags, footwear, grocery stocks, beauty products, and many other things from different international brands.

Each pavilion exhibits country handicrafts, cuisine, and merchandise. Countries that usually participate are Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, China, Turkey, the UAE, etc. 

if you are a perfume lover don’t forget to visit to Saudi Arabia pavilion. And, for handicraft, India and Iran pavilions are best.

5. Multiple cuisines:

Food lovers visit the global village because around 130 multi-cultural menus are offered in the event. It also gives an enjoyable food street adventure, consisting of approximately 20 restaurants and cafes. You can taste all varieties of food in one place.

The foods offered are Lupini Beans, desserts, Spooky Candy Floss, Ice-cream Cars, Tez Daal, Peanuts, Roasted Channa, Chaats, Cold Coffee, Tea, Desert on Boats, Fruits, rice or gravy dishes, non-veg food items, etc. 

6. Display of global village fireworks:

If you’re intending to arrive here, particularly for the global village fireworks, then you will observe that the event gets started when those fireworks set the nighttime sky blazing with sparkles.

You will discover the glorious spectacle of fireworks two times a week, which are absolutely something to view with happiness and awe.

Rules and Restrictions

There are specific rules and regulations implemented by the global village Dubai, which need to be strictly followed.

  1. Wearing safety wristbands is a must.
  2. Animals and pets are not allowed in the park.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the global village except for designated areas.
  4. Skateboards hoverboards or any wheeled devices are not allowed inside the park.
  5. Public display of affection is not allowed in the village.
  6. The park is a tourist destination, where filming and photography are allowed but keep in mind the privacy of others
  7. Keep the park cleaned and don’t misuse its resources.
  8. Visitors are expected to have proper decency at the event.
  9. Children must be kept safely by their parents.
  10. Outside foods are requested to be not brought indoors as food and beverages are available inside the village.

Tickets and day pass

The entrance of Global Village Dubai: 

There are two main gates for global village opening, i.e., the gate of the world and the Cultural gate for the suitability of visitants.

How to Purchase a global village ticket?

You can either purchase a ticket online through an app or offline by visiting there in the gate counter from 3:30 pm to half an hour before the closure, daily. However, the global village tickets are affordable for every type of visitor.

Entry Tickets of the Global Village

You cannot enter the park without an entry ticket. The global village ticket price for entry is AED 15 for one person for one day.

The following people can enter the park without a global village ticket:

  • Children below three years of age
  • Special need visitors (with one companion each)
  • Seniors citizens above the age of 65 years

Special Family Pack Ticket Price includes:

Global village entrance fee for a family pack costs price just AED 120 (including 5 %VAT) that gives with you a value of AED 340. The perks of this pack are:- 

  • 8 entry tickets in total
  • One wonder pass
  • Plus, one value parking voucher.

Wonder Pass global village ticket includes:

  1. 4 stunt show entries (worth AED 40)
  2. Carnaval points (worth AED 50)
  3. 2 Circus entries (worth AED 30)

Note: A refund of the global village ticket under any circumstance, is not allowed.

global village dubai boating


The global village provides several facilities for all its visitors to explore the world in a single day.

  1. It offers entry to the region’s most extensive as well as the ultimate shopping and amusement attractions.
  2. The complex has around 32 large stalls, 30 pavilions, signifying nearly 75-80 countries, from across the globe.
  3. It offers meals, souvenirs, shopping, rides, attractions, and various experience for all the guests.
  4. Explore the natural lifestyle, heritage, and culinary tastes of several international destinations.
  5. Get to watch plenty of multi-cultural shows, acrobatic performances, and concerts by well-known artists.
  6. Rides and attractions like Carnaval (funfair park), Wheel of the World (Ferris Wheel), Stunt Show, etc.
  7. Wheelchair services for senior citizens
  8. Separate Prayer Halls and Restrooms for men and women.
  9. Various inside hotels to rest
  10. Medical help, in case of any emergency. 
  11. A vast parking area.


There is a specific global village, Dubai timings for visitors. The global village opening timing and global village closing date are mentioned below:- 

  1. Saturday to Wednesday, gates open from 4:00 pm-12:00 am and close at 11:30 pm.
  2. Thursday and Friday, gates open from 4:00 pm -1:00 am. and close at 12:30 am.
  3. Park remains open for late-night during public holidays.

Note of particular global village timings:

  1. For fireworks display, the days, Thursday and Friday are preferred.
  2. Monday is only exclusive for ladies’ and families’ entry.

How to reach

If you’re wondering about how to go to the global village, then here are some ways of the global village. 

By Road-

  • By Bus-

Reaching a global village through the bus is also easy and affordable. The RTA has opened two routes, 102 and 106, for passengers willing to travel by bus to the global village. 

Global village bus timing may vary sometimes. Bus no. 102, 103, 104, and 106 are available for different routes to visit the Dubai global village. 

Note: Global village bus timing is from 3:15 pm to 11:15 pm. 

  • By Taxi-

Special online apps are there where you can book a ride to reach global village Dubai. The spike rate in price depends on the timing of the day. 

Plus, if you’re traveling from mall of emirates to global village, then the distance between them is 12 km (19.9 km).

The best way to get from the mall of emirates to a global village without a car is to take a taxi, which takes 16 min and costs around AED 35 – AED 50.

By Metro-

You can even take the red line to Center Point Metro Station, and then take a taxi to Global village, reaching in 30 minutes. 

Or, get a taxi from Mall of emirates Metro station.

Nearby Attractions

There are many nearby attraction sites like: 

  1. Dubai Land
  2. Dubai Sports City
  3. Desert Safari Rides

Nearby Metro stations

A few nearby metro stations are:-

  • Mall of the emirates
  • Union
  • Rashidiya


Find out the global village map here.


Global Village

Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road – Exit 37 – E311


United Arab Emirates

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