Top 10 Activities to Experience at Deira Gold Souk, Dubai in 2024

Gold souk deira, located in Al Dhagaya area is a famous landing space in Dubai. At the time when it is established, in the early sixties, it was the middle part of the old city. Most of the trading activities happened there.

Dubai is known as the city of gold because it has the world’s best gold market.

At a very early stage, Dubai realized the importance of gold and its purity. In Dubai, gold is regarded as the reliable and purest in all its varieties such as 24K, 22K and 18K.

It is the main reason why the Gold Souk is famous in Dubai. The government of Dubai keeps a regular check on the gold being sold there, and the retailers have to keep all their records updated to be checked by the authorities whenever they wanted to do so.

Slowly and gradually, the traders of gold made the shortest distance between two points. Of the entire Middle East, it came out to be the largest trading center of gold.

With a view to maintaining its control over the gold trading, the Dubai Gold group publishes gold retail prices according to the London Metal Exchange and this is exhibited on each and every shop in Gold souk Deira.

The consistency of prices and the tax- free purchase makes the retail prices of the gold jewelry very low.

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Why Visit Gold souk deira?

A trip to Dubai is not considered complete without visiting the Gold souk deira. Even if you don’t wish to buy gold, you might change your mind after looking at the innumerable pieces of jewellery.

Gold Souk is also popular for diamonds, gems and exotic jewellery. It is also famous for high-quality watches and here you can also modernize your watches. You can also get the purity of your gold checked in the gold souk.

Gold souk dubai has some history associated with it how the Iranian, Pakistani and the Indian jewellers came here to start their business and therefore, build up the brotherly relations among them and that special bond can still be seen there.

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Shopping at Gold souk deira

The gold souk Dubai provides an amazing variety of gold jewellery. There are unlimited retailers offering different designs of gold jewellery from across the world.

There are many famous jewellery shops in Dubai such as Bafleh Jewellery and Joyalukkas, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, and several other small stores.

One can get pretty rings, beautiful bracelets, royal necklaces, etc  there. The jewellery available there suits the need and budget of everyone.

Another doubt that comes to the minds of the customers is that is the gold jewellery sold at the Gold souk deira is of quality?

The answer is Yes. All the gold sold at the Diera Gold Souk is regulated by the Government of UAE, it guarantees purity of gold.

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How to make your shopping experience better?

There are countless stores in Gold souk deira selling gold jewellery, and they contend for your dollars. The designs available there are innumerable and there is no need to make a hurry.

The quality and the purity is same everywhere as it is controlled by ESMA.

Before going to the gold market in Dubai, check for the prices of gold online. The price of gold in Dubai follows the international market rates and therefore, can fluctuate everyday. It will help you in taking the advantage of taking the good deal when the gold prices are lower.

However, the making charges of the different pieces of the gold jewellery is different. Also, the making charges are negotiable. There is a lot of difference between the prices that will be quoted by the retailers and the prices that they will be ready to accept.

You must have a good practice of bargain. The jewelers knew that the customers will negotiate and therefore, they keep the prices of the jewellery accordingly.

As a result, purchasing gold in Diera becomes cheaper from the rest of the city.

Gold Jewellery is sold according to the karat and weight. The karat of gold go in direct proportion with its prices. Also, the more the karat of gold, the more will be the purity of gold.

24 karat gold is the most expensive form of gold. If you want to buy the purest of gold, you must buy 24 karat gold. Just because the pure gold is soft, it is mixed with various other metals to give it a perfect finish.

It would be suggested that you must plan your visit at the Diera on an off day.

You must browse each and every shop before you make a deal.

Some of the retailers charge extra money because their shop is located at the prime location in the Deira market. Therefore, you must tour each and every corner of the Deira market.

Activities in Gold souk deira

  • Gold Souk is not only for the gold buyers. There are several other activities that are performed there. You may have a pleasant walk here before the souk opens.
  • There are many traditional cafes there where you can have a meal. The ‘Shwarma’ and sulaimani tea (tea without milk) is a perfect combo.
  • There are many memento shops selling different items that you can gift to someone. Some Iranian vendors also sell dry fruits there.
  • The old souk is made with traditional wood and even in summers, it is not so hot because of the design of the shops there.
  • The people from different nationalities can be seen there and you can enjoy the different languages that they are talking in.
  • From the Spice Souk, take an Abra Ride and make your way to the Textile Souk. The cheapest thing to do in Dubai is an Abra Ride and it will also provide you a photo point of the area from water.

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Nearby Attractions (Gold Souk)

1. Spice Souk

Just before the gold souk, there is a spice souk where you will find best spices from all over the middle and south east Asia.

One can buy these spices in retail as well as wholesale.

From here, you can carry some of the most exotic spices to your home for a variety of cooking.

spice souk dubai

2. Textile Souk  

Textile souk is also called the Old Souk.

You can find a wide range of fabrics from all over the world like raw silk, cashmere silk, etc. One can also buy different kinds of outfits from there like abayas, kaftans, etc.

textile souk dubai

3. Perfume souk

You can find different varieties of traditional perfumes.

Here, one can find local oil-based perfumes. Some vendors also sell the woods from which they have made the perfumes. This perfume lasts longer.

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Restaurant near gold souk

  1. Esfahan Restaurant: (0.1 km from Dubai Gold Souk)
  2. Al Muzeef Cafeteria: (0.1 km)
  3. veg world: (0.1 km)
  4. Gold Souk Cafeteria: (0.3)
  5. Al Fedaa: (0.3 km)


The Gold Souk Dubai opening hours are as follows:

  • Opening hours are 9:30 am to 9:30 pm from Saturday to Thursday.
  • Opening hours are 04pm on Friday.

How to reach Gold souk deira?

Generally, you can use the public transport such as RTA buses, Dubai Metro or taxi to reach the Diera Gold Souk.

  • By Bus:  Catch the RTA bus (available buses- C28, C09 and 07).
  • By Metro There are two nearest metro station to gold souk: Al Ras station and Baniyas Square Station to reach the Diera Gold Souk.


Map route to gold souk dubai.

gold souk dubai map

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