A Convenient Manual for Utilizing Careem Bikes in Dubai in 2024

In today’s world, where pollution is increasing alarmingly, many companies are coming up with new options to travel. Careem bike is one of the bicycle services Dubai has been taken in this respect.

A chief UAE based bike-share service has acquired Cycle last year. Careem has now decided to rebrand it as Careem BIKE.

Careem Bike has launched this service in partnership with RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) where the residents of Dubai can avail and hire the electric bike service for less than AED2 per day to travel across the city.

These bikes are peddle-yet-electric assisted bikes. These are perfect for mini trips across the city. These are available 24/7. These require only two things- a nearby bike docking station and a smartphone app.

The careem bike plan is to increase their operations to 3500 bikes in the next five years. Then, there will be 350 docking stations around the city. More amount of docking stations would be present near corporate parks and metro stations.

The bikes will be shortly in operation in the town, but there is a lot of confusion in the way in which it works.

Download Careem plus and get FREE access to bike ride for 2 months. After that you can choose to pay AED 19 every month to access the ride or cancel any time.

What is a Careem Bike?

careem bikes

Careem bike is an economical bicycle for rent service which is introduced to ease the travellers to travel across the city, where the public transport of Dubai doesn’t reach. For this, the docking stations are built in many places.

These electric cum pedal bikes are green in colour. You just have to sit on the careem bike, pedal it and the motor will power up on its own. Thus the rider speed increases and he stops pedalling.

Whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, Careem bike is designed to serve all. If you are eager to ride on the bike, go ahead and ride as the seat of this bike is adjustable and its framing is sturdy.

Below the seat of the bike, there is a black lever. Driver can adjust their seat as per the height with this lever.

You do not have to think about the safety measures while you ride the bike. It has a loud bell, self-powered LED light and some reflectors. Thus, the bike is easily seen by other vehicles on the road.

The bike has 3 pedalling speed gears. To ride a Careem bike, you don’t have to be an athlete or cyclist as they are easy to ride.

How to hire a Careem Bike?

To process to book a Careem BIKE is relatively easy. You need to find an available bike at the nearest docking station, rent it and pick it up from the docking station.

For android users, the new app is available on the Google Play store and for IOS users it is available on App Store. Bikers can download the Careem Bike app.

With the help of this app, the rider must create an account, spot the careem bike locations near you and directly link it to your bank account. Thus, the payment could be made uncomplicated.

Important careem bike rules to follow

  • Bikes are not allowed on the Trams, Dubai Metros or Buses.
  • The person more than 15 years of age only are allowed to ride bikes.
  • You need to wear a helmet.
  • Charges up to AED 5000 will be fined in case of any damage or loss.
  • You must check that the tires and the brakes are in good shape when you’re about to ride the bike.

How much does the Careem Bike Cost?

The rates of prices, rates, fare, fees of the Careem Dubai Bike service are given below:

  • 1 Day charge is AED 20
  • 1 Week charge is AED 50
  • 1 Month charge is AED 75
  • 1 Year charge is AED 420

Careem bike stations

Bikes are located in:

  • Al Barsha
  • Dubai Marina
  • Internet City
  • The Greens
  • Dubai Canal
  • Mankhool
  • Deira
  • Jumeirah Beach Road
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Al Khawaneej

What About its Usage?

The bicycle saves both your time and your walking effort. Its service can be enjoyed for 45 minutes in the course of the validity of your membership.

You must dock the bike at the station in 45 minutes. You can unlock the bike when you docked it successfully. This time is set for 45 minutes so that the bike can be available to other riders.

However, if you go beyond 45 minutes, it will cost you an additional amount of AED 10 for every 30 minutes. And this can be costly. It must be noted that your trip starts when you unlock the bike.

If you do not know how to use the bike and get around on it, you can see it at the careem bike map frames and the Careem kiosks available at most stations. In these, you can find the information regarding the use of the bike and the map of the Station.

careem bike docking station

How to Return the Careem Bike by docking it back?

Following instructions must be followed in order to return and dock the bike:

You must locate the docking station near you through the app. The station must have a dock.

The front triangle on the bike must match with the dock and the bike must be inserted firmly in the dock. A green light with a buzzer appears on the dock which indicates that the bike has been locked properly.

As soon as you lock the bike, your trip comes to an end. It must be noted that if the red light appears instead of the green light or if no light appears at all, it indicates that the bike is not locked properly at the dock. It can charge you an extra amount every 30 minutes if you do not dock it back.

You need to take the bike out of docking station and re-insert it back it if it isn’t locked properly. Try to push the bike from the seat if the problem still persists.

Let’s enjoy the environment friendly Careem Bike ride in Dubai streets

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