Top 5 Dating Apps in Dubai for Discovering Your Ideal Date in 2024

Meeting new people and making relationships is something everyone wishes for. But people think that dating is allowed in Dubai?

Yes! Dating is allowed in Dubai nowadays; dating has become common in UAE. You can see people dating around malls, restaurants, and open areas.

But so many people want to make online friends spend a great time at home while chatting with them.

Are dating apps allowed in Dubai? Unfortunately, dating apps were banned in UAE, but so many new dating apps are entirely permitted in Dubai.

The best free dating apps in Dubai will take you to another world of dating where you can find a person of your choice within a few minutes.

Love cannot be accessible before; people walk miles to meet with their loved ones. But you can now connect to them with one tap.

Another tip is to find a match in the leading Nightclubs of Dubai.

Here is a list of 5 best dating apps in Dubai

1.Bumble – Dating. Friends. Bizz

best free dating apps in Dubai
Bumble is a free dating and social networking app where single people can find their partners. It is the best free dating apps in Dubai.

If you want to make new friends and bind in a genuine relationship, Bumble is the best platform. Guys & girls love bumble even more than tinder. As it lists only serious daters, unlike tinder.

The success rate of finding a partner is much higher as compared to other app in the market.

Bumble dating app helps you expand your social circle and give you the confidence to talk with strangers.

  • Total users: 10 million (approx.)
  • Size: 99 MB
  • Premium account: available for advanced features
  • Ratings: 2.8 (Google reviews).
  • click here to download the app

2. Tinder – Dating & Meet People (tinder Dubai)

tinder dubai
Tinder Dubai is the largest platform to meet with your soul mates. This dating app is the world’s most popular app for making new friends and meeting new people.

If you are home alone, traveling, or visiting some new place, you need someone to spend some great time talking to them, and tinder Dubai will never disappoint you.

The app’s best feature is the double option that will meet 2 people only when there are some mutual interests. No one will feel stressed and face rejection.

I suggest that tinder Dubai is one of the safest apps, and you can trust them without any doubt, don’t think over n over; go & register today.

Only 17+ can register themselves in-app.

  • Total users: over 30 billion (approx.)
  • Size:5MB
  • Premium account: available for advanced features
  • Ratings:3.0 (Google reviews)
  • Click here to download the app

3. Meetville – Dating, Chat & Meet New People

best free dating app in Dubai

Meetvile is the best free dating app in Dubai. Where you can make new friends within minutes, you can chat with them for free.

They have different sections to choose people from, and you can select people from the country you want and from the type of people you choose.

You can check the picture before selecting anyone, all the users are verified there, and no scammer can join the app.

Only 17+ can register on the app. It is one of the most accessible apps to use and safe at the same time. You can trust the app with closed eyes.

  • Total users: 19 million (approx.)
  • Size: 28MB
  • Premium account: Available for advanced features.
  • Ratings: 4.0 (Google reviews)
  • Click here to download the app.

4. Arike – Matchmaking App for Malayali Singles (Indian dating app in UAE)

Indian dating app in UAE
Arike is an Indian dating app in UAE. The app is designed for Malayali living in UAE. Now you can have friends living outside your own country.

You can make a long-lasting relationship there with the person of your dreams.

You can find everything about a person from their profile, and they have features to add every little detail about you so that both people can quickly know about each other.

The best feature in the app notes, you can express your feelings very well in notes, and it Is a very convenient way to send your messages.

Only 18+ can register on the app.

  • Total users: 1 million+ (approx.)
  • Size: 12MB
  • Premium account: available for advanced features.
  • Rating:4.4 (Google reviews)
  • Click here to download the app.

5. FilipinoCupid: Filipino Dating

best dating apps in dubai

It is one of the best Filipino dating apps Dubai. If you are interested in Filipino singles from the Philippines, this is Dubai’s best free dating apps.

Thousands of relationship starts from filipinoCupid. You can have Filipino singles of your choice to make them a particular part of your life.

The registration on the app takes less than 1 minute. After registration, you are allowed to send messages to anyone you like.

No one will ever get bored and feel alone while using these free dating apps in UAE without payment.

Only 17+ are allowed to register themselves.

  • Total users: 10million + (approx.)
  • Size:8MB
  • Premium account: available for advanced features
  • Ratings: 3.8 (Google reviews)
  • Click here to download the app.

All the apps, as mentioned earlier, are allowed in UAE; it is the best free dating apps in Dubai; now, you can have access to all around the globe to make friends by staying in your homeland.

If one feels heartbroken or alone and wants loyal friends, Tinder Dubai is the best option. Above 26 million people got their soul mates over there.

Meanwhile, everyone in the world wants someone to share their love and pour out their feelings on someone, but at the same time, everyone is too busy to meet; the best way to get in touch is the dating apps.

you can get the person of your dreams, apps can be joined freely.

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