Top 7 Beach Clubs in Dubai Worth Visiting in 2024

Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in UAE, which invest millions to create magical places for tourism. Beaches are one of those places. The best beach nightclubs in Dubai are mind-blowing. You will forget to go back home.

Soaking sun, with marvelous drinks and soothing music, will make your day special like never before. It would be best if you visited these beautiful nightclubs in Dubai. 

Here is the list of 7 Best Beach Night Clubs in Dubai 

1. Cove beach (World’s Best Beach Nightclubs in Dubai)

best beach club in dubai

Cove listed among the world’s best beach nightclubs, cove beach boasts an amazing seafront place that includes a restaurant, 3 pools, and the special Rose lounge. It is one of the best beach clubs in Dubai 2022. 

The decoration gives the vibe of Mediterranean, and the whole place is stunning, making it special among all the beaches. The 3 spacious pools are set to swim in and flow your anxiety into it. The Red lounge is the heart of Cova beach, the most special and unique place; a breath-taking venue is something people can live for.   

You can enjoy every single day here. Monday as unplugged day, Tuesday as juicy day, Wednesday is for red lounge, Thursday for Goc, Friday 808 and Saturday-Sunday: bijoux and industry day. 

The dining service is the very ambiance, popping of campaign, fantastic flavors of shisha, and live music will soothe your soul; you can enjoy every tiny element of the Cova beach. 

  • Entry price: AED 200 on weekdays, AED 300 on weekends.  
  • Dress code: Casual dress 
  • Opening hours: 10:00 am-1:00 am (Daily)
  • Ratings: 4.4 (Google reviews) 
  • Music: acoustic pop, R&B 
  • Happy hour: 50% on drinks on weekdays. 
  • Busy night: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday  
  • Contact: +971 50 454 6920 
  • Address: Caesars Palace – Bluewaters Island – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
  • Location: click here to view in map 

2. Azure beach (Private Pool Party)

best beach night club in dubai

Azure beach is a great city escape to the good times, snuggle among the heavenly sands and sparkling water of the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the best beach clubs in Dubai.

You can enjoy yourself under the shining sun at the edge of the water with refreshing cocktails, and music will relax you never like before, for sure you will have precious time here. 

Azure beach has a lot to offer you, the pool, private pool cabanas, beach, and lounge. Every place has some unique features and is filled with luxurious furniture to make you super comfortable. 

The fusion of Asian cuisine with funky colorful cocktails will give the luxury dining experience. The day spent on the azure beach will always be remembered as the best day of life.  

  • Entry price: AED 300 on weekdays, AED 400 on weekends. 
  • Dress code: Casual and pool amenities.  
  • Opening hours: 10:00 am-8:00 pm (daily) 
  • Ratings: 4.6 (Google reviews) 
  • Music: DJ 
  • Happy hour: 5:00 pm-8:00 pm: local beer on AED 150 
  • Busy night: Saturday, Sunday  
  • Contact: +971 52 777 9472 
  • Address: Rixos Premium Dubai – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates  
  • Location: click here to view in map 

3. Venus restorante & beach club

best place for party night 

Venus restorante & beach club is all set to welcome beach party lovers; those who love to roast under the sun with chill drinks can enjoy in Venus.  

It is one of the best beach nightclubs in Dubai to explore the ultimate beach parties with mouth-watering Mediterranean appetizers, homemade pasta, wood fire pizzas, and deliciously cooked meat that will make your dining divine.  

You can have chilled, refreshing Italian cocktails and granitas to drive out your party. The soothing music will add more fun to the atmosphere. You can have quality time with your friends at Venus.  

  • Entry price: Depends upon reservations. 
  • Dress code: Casual & Smart 
  • Opening hours: 10:00 am-7:00 pm 
  • Ratings: 4.7 (Google reviews) 
  • Music: DJ 
  • Happy hour: Not available 
  • Busy night: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 
  • Contact: +971 4 556 6466 
  • Address: Julius Tower, Caesars Palace Dubai – Bluewaters Island – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
  • Location: click here to view in map 

4. Nikki beach (Luxurious Beach Nightclub)

best place for beach goers

Nikki Beach Dubai provides a peculiar and incomparable luxury lifestyle experience. The whole Venue has unique and stylish features, modern dining, and extravagant Nikki spa services.

You can experience their best signature beach and nighttime entertainment, which will blow your mind; the beach has an outlandish element that will stimulate your senses.

Nikki beach serves the best international cuisine with sushi, salad, and seafood; the staff and service are excellent. You can enjoy delicious dining, exceptional music, and entertainment.

The beautiful seafront view with the luxurious beach bed feels like paradise on Earth; Nikki beach is one of Dubai’s best beach clubs of 2022.

  • Entry price: AED 150 on weekdays & AED 300 on Friday, and Saturday. 
  • Dress code: Casual daywear and beach chic attire 
  • Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00 am-8:00 pm, closed on Monday.
  • Ratings: 4.4 (Google reviews) 
  • Music: DJ mix\ night 
  • Happy hour: 4:00 pm-9:00 pm offers vary on different days 
  • Busy night: Friday Saturday  
  • Contact: +971 4 376 6162 
  • Address: Nikki Beach Dubai, Pearl – Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
  • Location: click here to view in map 

5. White beach club (Soothing Beach Nightclub)

amazing beach club for party lover.

White beach club Dubai is the Atlantis hottest club, featuring the infinity pool and elegant outdoor restaurant to enjoy the delicious dining and cool, soft, breezy terrace to enjoy the sip of cocktails with a beautiful sunset view.

The sparkling pool is waiting for you to swim under the shiny sun with a glass of fruity cocktails; that’s what a party lover dreams for. The comfortable, cozy furniture at the edge of the beach feels heavenly.  

The delicious meal, twinkling cocktail, soothing music, and soft breeze will ideally work together to give you the pleasure of beach life. 

Ladies attention! On Tuesday, you can enjoy an occasion of ladies’ day with discounted entrance fee and free-flowing wines and cocktails. You can enjoy a sun-kissed brunch on Sunday in a lovely atmosphere and fun vibe.  

  • Entry price: AED 200 per person 
  • Dress code: Casual and Beachwear 
  • Opening hours: 10:00 am-7:00 pm 
  • Ratings: 4.4 (Google reviews) 
  • Music: DJ 
  • Happy hour: 5:00 pm-7:00 pm 50% off on drinks 
  • Busy night: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday  
  • Contact: +971 4 426 2626 
  • Address: Atlantis – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
  • Location: click here to view in map

6. Zero Gravity Dubai

best beach night club

Zero gravity is one of the famous nightclubs in the Dubai marina; it has so much to offer you and hosts great nights & parties. Their venue includes a pool, beach bar, and garden where you can enjoy your heart out with the best music beats.

The place has beautifully set and decorated just the way party lovers want, you can spend the whole day and night there without getting bored.

Their refreshing cocktails will take you to another world, and you can have tasty food from breakfast to dinner, rocking music at a nightclub, and enjoy the scenery of spectacular views of the city; it is an all-in-one package.

  • Entry price: AED 160 per person
  • Dress code: Casual dresses
  • Opening hours: Monday & Thursday: 10:00 am-9:00 pm, Tuesday: 9:00 am-12:00 am, Friday: 10:00 am-12:00 am, Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am-9:00 pm.
  • Ratings: 4.4 (Google reviews)
  • Music: DJ
  • Happy hour: 5:00 pm-8:00 pm Different deals depend on the days.
  • Busy night: Thursday and Friday
  • Contact: +971 4 399 0009
  • Address: Dubai Marina, Skydive Dubai Drop Zone – King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Location: Click here to view in Map

7. Barasti beach (Best Nightclubs for couples)

perfect place for couple

Barasati beach is a famous bar that offers a lot of things for clients. It is one of the best nightclubs in the Dubai marina for couples.

The bar offers inside and outside seating with a quiet and cozy environment. Inside, you can enjoy live music throughout the week with tasty food.

If you are a beach person and want to party your heart out, Barasati beach is a superb option where you can enjoy all day with music & a wide variety of cocktails.

The open beach is your dance floor, and DJ will excite you with their crazy music. It is one of the cheap bars in the Dubai marina. At Barasati beach house, you can enjoy the fullest for less price.

  • Entry price: Free of cost
  • Dress code: Casual dress
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 9:00 am-2:00 am, Saturday-Sunday: 9:00 am-3:00 am.
  • Ratings: 4.3 (Google reviews)
  • Music: DJ
  • Happy hour: 30% on beverages 5:00 pm-8:00 pm.
  • Busy night: Thursday & Friday
  • Contact: +971 4 318 1313
  • Address: Le Meridien Mina Syahi Beach Resort & Marina – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Location: Click here to view in Map

Dubai hosts the perfect beach parties at their luxurious beach clubs, residents and tourists can enjoy the best time of their lives. Every element is super impressive.  

All of the above beaches are the best beach clubs in Dubai 2022. From perfect dining to high-class drinks, everything is worth paying.

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